Thursday, December 29, 2005




The Issue I went to City hall against was Homosexuals flying their flag outside of City Hall. But when I wanted a Christian symbol (the israeli flag) flown , I got shot down as you will read. But one good thing did come out of it, no more flags can be flown outside city hall but Canadian and visiting dignitaries flags.

Here is a copy of what I said in front of City Council members Monday July 11,05.

Church members Mayor and City council members.

What kind of a City or Country are we when we take God out of everything and call sin as normal, such as Strippers(nothing but legal prostitution), Drug and Alcohol abuse, Abortion(murder of innocent babies and Homosexuality and adultery.

What does God say about this kind of activity of commandment breaking and leaving him out of everything. These are not my words these are Gods words. In Lev 26:16 It says, I will bring upon you sudden terror, waisting diseases and fever that will drain your life away. And also in Psalm 9:17 it says The wicked shall be turned in to Hell, and all the Nations who forget God. I think we should start listening to the voice of God that is powerful and truth and start respecting him.

And as a sign of respect to our God and to the Nation of Israel I would like to demand that the Israeli flag be flown permamently outside city hall as a sign of appreciation for the Israelis, their future Messiah and as a sign for the majority of Owensound who are Christians.

As we as Christians know Jesus our savior is Jewish and as our leader and future King of Jerusalem, I demand on behalf of all the Christians worldwide that the Israeli flag be flown outside of city hall permanantly.

If minorities can have their flag outside city hall, I surely believe the majority of Owensounders can demand the Israeli flag be flown as a sign of our leader Jesus our God to be flown as well.

You can not just give minorities their say and leave the majority out in the cold.

So I as a christian on behalf of all TRUE CHURCHES demand that the Israeli flag be flown outside city hall permanantly as reminder of our support for the Nation of Israel and our Jewish savior Jesus Christ our leader.

Thank you very much for agreeing with the majority as the minorities got their symbol of respect at city hall.

Just lastly I would like to state the symbol of the rainbow in the Bible states in Genesis 9:11-13 GOD promised No MORE JUDGEMENT by flooding the whole earth or its inhabitants. Is it not interesting that minorities use a symbol of judgement in their human rights issues.

Thank use for the equal rights of the majority of Owensounders.

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