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IDF Closing Road Near Sinai Border-Because of the danger posed by fighting between ISIS and Egyptian military, the southern road will be off bounds.By Shlomo Pitrikovsky-First Publish: 7/2/2015, 11:10 PM-israelnationalnews

The IDF has announced that Highway 12 will be closed to traffic starting at 5:00 am Friday, because of the danger posed by fighting between ISIS and Egyptian military in the Sinai desert.The highway circumvents the mountains of Eilat from the north and west, and connects Eilat to Highway 10 and Highway 40, which lead toward central Israel.The closure is being carried out in accordance with instructions issued by Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, and approved by Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon.The IDF said that the closure is temporary."The IDF is prepared to defend the residents of the state of Israel and will do all it can to preserve the life routine and prevent damage to the fabric of life of the local residents,” the military added.The IDF began taking extra precautions along Israel's southern borders on Wednesday, after a group associated with the Islamic State (ISIS) in the Sinai Peninsula launched a coordinated attack against Egypt that killed 50 Egyptian soldiers. One hour after the attack security officials closed the Kerem Shalom and Nitzana crossings, after they deemed both as potential attack sites. Trucks and employees at the crossings have also been evacuated from the area.

Congress Demands Obama Step Back From Iran Nuclear Deal-Leading Senators urge a 'pause' in negotiations, slam administration official for saying nuclear inspections unnecessary.By Ari Yashar-First Publish: 7/2/2015, 12:48 PM-israelnationalnews

Leading members of Congress are pressing US President Barack Obama to abandon his attempts to force through a nuclear deal with Iran, after the deadline for talks was extended on Tuesday to July 7 in a last gasp week-long reprieve.In response to the desperate efforts to reach a deal despite the obvious differences in position that continue to prevent an agreement from being reached, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) blasted the Obama administration in an op-ed for Politico."President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry should use the opportunity to pause negotiations, take a step back and re-examine the point of the talks in the first place," said McConnell.Differences between the two sides are apparent even in terms of the deadline; while the US announced an extension to next Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Wednesday "we did not set any deadline," reports Fox News.Efforts to reach a deal on Iran's nuclear program continue Thursday, with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Chief Yukiya Amano visiting Tehran to try and get Iran to come clean on the military aspects on its nuclear program.Meanwhile in Vienna, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Zarif are to be joined by the foreign ministers of France, Germany, Britain and China for a final push in negotiations.US same as leading state terror sponsor? A key sticking point in the talks has involved Iran's refusal to allow inspectors in to investigate its secretive nuclear facilities.Top Republican senators lashed back after an anonymous administration official on Monday said inspectors shouldn't be able to inspect "every military site" in Iran, "because the United States of America wouldn't allow anybody to get into every military site."Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) slammed the comment in a joint statement for its comparison of the US to the leading state sponsor of terrorism."With the Iranian nuclear negotiations in a critical phase, this statement should alarm us all," the two remarked. "There is no place in this negotiation for moral equivalence. That thinking was wrong in the Cold War, and it is wrong today. Iran is not like any other nation, least of all the United States. Iran has a proven record of cheating on its nuclear program."House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) also condemned the administration's stance, saying, "the standard needs to be 'go anywhere, anytime' - not go 'some places, sometimes.'"Congress will have 30 days - or 60 if a deal is reached after July 9 - to review any nuclear deal, and can vote to block the sanctions relief. However, experts have warned that the current sanctions regime against Iran has not been tough enough, allowing the Iranian GDP to grow 3% in 2014. Just this Monday Iranian officials announced that 13 tons of gold had been repatriated as part of sanctions relief, bringing the total in unfrozen assets since the November 2013 interim deal was signed to just under $12 billion.Senior Iranian officials have gone on record saying that the Islamic ime will use advanced centrifuges after a deal is signed, a move which would allow it to obtain a nuclear arsenal within weeks.

Fires Rage in North, Jerusalem Area-Residents were evacuated from their homes in the village of Yavne'el in northern Israel, and near Maale Hahamisha in the Jerusalem area.By Yaakov Levi-First Publish: 7/2/2015, 9:56 PM-israelnationalnews
Residents were evacuated from their homes in the village of Yavne'el in northern Israel, and near Maale Hahamisha in the Jerusalem area, as two fires were burning Thursday night.Six firefighting crews were battling the blaze between Yavne'el and Sharona in the lower Galilee. Residents of homes in Yavne'el were evacuated from their homes as the flames came dangerously close to residential areas, officials said. Firefighting planes were dispatched to spray water on and near the homes to prevent the flames from advancing.Meanwhile, 15 firefighting crews were dispatched to fight a large blaze in the area of Maale Hahamisha, a rural town in the Jerusalem area. The fire has been burning since the afternoon, and firefighters have spent long hours trying to put it out. Several roads in the area have been closed due to thick smoke clouds which are floating around the area.When the fires are put out, investigators will begin the long work of trying to determine what caused the fire. Studies have shown that many of the forest fires set in Israel are part of the “arson intifada” of Arabs against the state of Israel. Earlier in June, nine Arabs were arrested on suspicion of setting fire to brushes near the community of Beitar Ilit, close to Jerusalem and Gush Etzion.

Egypt May 'Invite' IDF to Strike ISIS in Gaza-Egyptian sources tells Israeli media that if ISIS conquest of Sinai spreads to Gaza, Sisi may want Israel to crack down on the enclave.By Arutz Sheva Staff-First Publish: 7/2/2015, 10:39 AM-israelnationalnews

An Egyptian source has revealed that if after launching a brutal attack in Sinai the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group approaches Gaza, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi may "invite" the IDF to strike it.The source, who is "familiar with Egypt's decision-making process," told Haaretz on Thursday that Sisi may give the green light given that Gaza falls under Israel's responsibility."The two armies may already be coordinating in preparation for such a possibility," revealed the source. "The Egyptian problem is that a military campaign inside Gaza could lead to breaking down the fences and a mass flight of civilians from Gaza to Sinai."The statement comes after Sinai Province, ISIS's affiliate in the region, conducted a massive coordinated string of attacks on Wednesday that left over 50 Egyptian soldiers dead.Sinai Province, which was formerly Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis before swearing allegiance to ISIS and changing its name, has reportedly captured the Sinai town of Sheikh Zuweid and has mined the roads to block Egyptian forces from entering.ISIS may spread its control to the city of El Arish, and thereby encroach on Gaza, leading to the potential cooperation between Egypt and the IDF.In a video on Tuesday, ISIS threatened to topple Hamas, and likewise threatened the "state of the Jews."Egypt has been willing in the past to confront Hamas, which is a Gazan offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood that Sisi's government has violently been putting down.Aside from imposing a siege on Gaza, Egypt has evacuated over 2,000 homes on the Gaza border in occupying part of southern Gaza and creating a buffer zone to block the smuggling of arms between Hamas and Sinai terrorists.Haaretz notes that many of the Gazan evacuees, who were not compensated for their demolished homes or offered alternative housing, have moved to El Arish and Sheikh Zuweid, and may be tempted to join forces with ISIS, which pays comfortable wages to its members.

Your Strong Faith Moved the Entire Nation'-Chief Rabbi visits Rosenfeld family, whose son Malachi was murdered near Shvut Rachel.By Uzi Baruch-First Publish: 7/2/2015, 10:28 PM-israelnationalnews

The Sephardic Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, paid a condolence visit Thursday to the grieving Rosenfeld family at Kochav Hashachar in the Binyamin region. The family lost its son, Malachi, to a terrorist's bullets earlier this week.The rabbi told Malachi's father, Eliezer, that his eulogy at the funeral, in which he expressed his strong faith in God, moved the entire nation of Israel.Rabbi Yosef was also invited to the central synagogue in the community, next to the high yeshiva, and offered words of encouragement to the residents of Kochav Hashachar. He expressed hope that the government would take action to shore up the security of the residents, who are “protecting the nation of Israel with their bodies.”Late Tuesday afternoon, Malachi succumbed to wounds he sustained in a terrorist shooting attack near the village of Shvut Rachel the previous night.Hundreds of friends and relatives took part in the funeral, including Education Minister Naftali Bennett.Rabbi Ohad Krakover, the community's rabbi, eulogized Malachi and said tearfully, “We demand that the government carry out a real revenge – to build and develop the settlement enterprise. We will not be defeated.” Turning to the bereaved family, he said, “Only God can comfort you, the Rosenfeld family.” Animals in human form-Minister Bennett also eulogized Malachi and said to the family: “You are a symbol of the Nation of Israel in its land. The Nation of Israel salutes you. Our enemy is always trying to hurt the innocent... [they are] animals in human form.” Citing Psalms 18:37, he said, “I chase my enemies and catch them; I do not turn back until I wipe them out.” "Our enemy is advancing death, funding terror delegations, calling squares and streets after terrorists," Bennett continued. "I say to our enemies, from day to day, your makeup is coming off of your faces. You are a terror organization, that is what you are! Your game is over. This territory will remain Jewish. We are here 3,800 years and we are here to stay. Enough time has passed. Internalize this. When you murder, we build.”Malachi's father, Eliezer, spoke of his deep bond with Malachi and asked: "What did we do wrong, God, that this is the third time? What did we do wrong?” Thirteen years ago, on March 29, 2002, Naftali's eldest brother, Lt. Yitzchak-Menachem Rosenfeld, 22, was killed in a jeep accident in the Tze'elim Stream, in the Judean Desert. He was a pilot in the IAF.Yitzhak-Menachem was named after his uncle, Sergeant Yitzhak-Moshe Rosenfeld, who was also killed during his military service, in 1978.He went out to play basketball-Malachi's parents are among the founders of Kochav Hashachar. The father is a clarinet player, and the mother is a social worker. They have seven children, beside Yitzchak-Menachem and Malachi Moshe."This is a great national tragedy,” Eliezer Rosenfeld said Tuesday after his son's death. “I raised an ambitious boy, wise, with such great intelligence. He went out to play basketball, a competition between communities, and didn't come back. It's shameful, what is happening in our country.”The leadership of the community warned against the possibility of unauthorized revenge attacks, after Malachi's death: “We ask resolutely to avoid revenge acts, which only weaken and deflect public attention from the justice of our struggle,” the leaders said in a statement.The statement added that “the goal of the terrorists is to disrupt the routine of life and our right to exist as a nation on our homeland. They will not succeed in this. We will become stronger and settle throughout our land. We call on the government of Israel and the minister of defense to act resolutely for the security of the nation, and put an end to the stuttering and limp behavior in the face of the terrorists, and the granting of gestures whose bitter result is clear.”

Netanyahu: 'Our Hearts Are with the Egyptian People'-'ISIS acts with extraordinary cruelty on both our northern and our southern border,' says prime minister.-By Hezki Ezra-First Publish: 7/2/2015, 7:55 PM-israelnationalnews

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu paid a visit Thursday to the CyberSpark Industry Initiative in Be'er Sheva and spoke about the deadly ISIS attack in Sinai yesterday. "Until a few months ago, when we said ISIS was operating on our borders, people were skeptical, and here we see before our eyes how ISIS acts with extraordinary cruelty on both our northern and our southern border," said Netanyahu.The prime minister added: "our hearts are with the Egyptian people and we send our condolences to the Egyptian government and the families whose loved ones have fallen in the struggle against terrorist savagery."Netanyahu linked the incidents to the negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 powers on the Iranian nuclear weapons program." The actions we are seeing from ISIS are nothing compared to the capabilities that the Iranian regime is building,” he said, reiterating a message featured in a recent Israeli foreign ministry video.“ Obviously, no one who is of sound mind would give ISIS nuclear weapons, but currently, in the talks the world powers are holding with Iran, they are giving this extremist state that spreads terror throughout the world the ability to develop an arsenal of nuclear weapons; a great number of nuclear bombs with their means of delivery – long-range missiles. And so we stand here facing two threats: the threat of ISIS, and the threat of Iran.”"We do not need to strengthen one at the expense of the other,” Netanyahu explained. “We have to weaken both, and prevent both from aggressing and arming. I'm telling you, that in the face of these dark forces, which suppress human rights and murder people and hang them in town squares – in the face of these forces, what we are promoting here in the CyberSpark at Be'er Sheva is progress.”

Arabs Call For 'Third Intifada' At Abu Khder Memorial-Police were out in force as Arabs in Jerusalem commemorated the one year anniversary of the murder of Mohammed Abu Khder.-By Moshe Cohen-First Publish: 7/2/2015, 7:26 PM-israelnationalnews

Police prepared in large numbers Thursday for what could be a restive weekend as Arabs in Jerusalem commemorate the one year anniversary of the death of Mohammed Abu Khder. The youth, 16, was kidnapped from eastern Jerusalem on July 2 and burned to death. Three Jews – a 29 year old and two 16 year olds – have been indicted on charges of murdering the youth, in revenge for the kidnapping and murder of three Jewish teenagers by Hamas terrorists.Arabs were out in force Thursday night in the Shua'fat neighborhood of Jerusalem, where Abu Khder lived. A procession was held from the family's home to Abu Khder's grave. While the procession was relatively orderly, several members of the crowd shouted catcalls at police, and said that they demanded “a third intifada.”Police have been ordered to hold back and interfere only in the event of a major disruption. Airborne cameras are photographing and recording the event in high resolution.Speaking earlier to Yediot Aharonot, the youth's father, Hussein Abu Khder, said that he opposed violence as a commemoration of his son's memory. “They burned Mohammed once, but my wife and I are 'burned' every day. Even animals don't do that. The criminals who did this have no heart and no conscience.” The three Israeli youths face separate charges over the attempted kidnapping of another Palestinian, aged seven, from the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina, as well as alleged arson attacks on Palestinian-owned cars. Two of them are also accused of setting alight a Palestinian shop in the town of Hizme.Police suspect that the crime was nationalistically motivated, allegedly as a "revenge crime" for the murders of Israeli teens Naftali Frenkel (16), Gilad Sha'ar (16), and Eyal Yifrah (19).

IDF Says Hamas Helped ISIS Sinai Assault-Maj. Gen. Mordechai tells Al Jazeera Israel has clear information of Hamas assistance in bloody attack on Egyptian army.By Arutz Sheva staff-First Publish: 7/2/2015, 6:40 PM-israelnationalnews

Israel said Thursday that Hamas was actively assisting the ISIS terrorist militia that killed over 70 Egyptian soldiers in a multi-pronged attack Wednesday."We have clear information that Hamas supports the Walayat Sinai organization, which belongs to ISIS,” Major General Yoav Mordechai said, in an Arabic-language interview for Al Jazeera."In the latest attacks, Hamas gave assistance in the form of weapons and organization to the group that supports ISIS,” he accused. “We have examples of commanders in Hamas who took an active part in this aid. Wael Faraj, a battalion commander in Hamas's armed wing, smuggled wounded casualties from Sinai to Gaza.On Wednesday, as many as 70 Egyptians were killed after a suicide car bomb detonated against a checkpoint at Sheikh Zuweid in northern Sinai. There were also multiple attacks on other military checkpoints and an explosive device was detonated on a major highway. About seventy terrorists simultaneously attacked five checkpoints in the area, security sources say, and some 39 terrorists were killed in the clashes, according to the Egyptian military.A police station in the town of Sheikh Zuweid was among the targets of the attacks, witnesses said.

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