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JEWISH KING JESUS IS COMING AT THE RAPTURE FOR US IN THE CLOUDS-DON'T MISS IT FOR THE WORLD.THE BIBLE TAKEN LITERALLY- WHEN THE PLAIN SENSE MAKES GOOD SENSE-SEEK NO OTHER SENSE-LEST YOU END UP IN NONSENSE.GET SAVED NOW- CALL ON JESUS TODAY.THE ONLY SAVIOR OF THE WHOLE EARTH - NO OTHER. 1 COR 15:23-JESUS THE FIRST FRUITS-CHRISTIANS RAPTURED TO JESUS-FIRST FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT-23 But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming.ROMANS 8:23 And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.(THE PRE-TRIB RAPTURE)



EUROPEAN UNION-KING OF WEST-DAN 9:26-27,DAN 7:23-24,DAN 11:40,REV 13:1-10


GENESIS 6:11-13
11 The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.(WORLD TERRORISM,MURDERS)(HAMAS IN HEBREW IS VIOLENCE)
12 And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.
13 And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence (TERRORISM)(HAMAS) through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

GENESIS 16:11-12
11 And the angel of the LORD said unto her,(HAGAR) Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael;(FATHER OF THE ARAB/MUSLIMS) because the LORD hath heard thy affliction.
12 And he (ISHMAEL-FATHER OF THE ARAB-MUSLIMS) will be a wild (DONKEY-JACKASS) man;(ISLAM IS A FAKE AND DANGEROUS SEX FOR MURDER CULT) his hand will be against every man,(ISLAM HATES EVERYONE) and every man's hand against him;(PROTECTING THEMSELVES FROM BEING BEHEADED) and he (ISHMAEL ARAB/MUSLIM) shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.(LITERAL-THE ARABS LIVE WITH THEIR BRETHERN JEWS)

ISAIAH 14:12-14
12  How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer,(SATAN) son of the morning!(HEBREW-CRECENT MOON-ISLAM) how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
13  For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
14  I (SATAN HAS EYE TROUBLES) will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.(AND 1/3RD OF THE ANGELS OF HEAVEN FELL WITH SATAN AND BECAME DEMONS)

JOHN 16:2
2 They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.(ISLAM MURDERS IN THE NAME OF MOON GOD ALLAH OF ISLAM)

Explosive devices found in Elizabeth, New Jersey-[Yahoo News Photo Staff]-September 19, 2016

FBI agents surrounded a house in Elizabeth, New Jersey early Monday after a backpack was discovered the previous night with five possible explosive devices in the same town.Earlier Monday, just after midnight, an explosive device detonated during a police attempt to disarm it after a bomb squad was called in, in the third New York City area incident involving what appear to be improvised bombs.A call came into Elizabeth authorities at 8:47 p.m. after two men found a suspicious backpack in a garbage can, mayor Chris Bollwage said in a press conference. The men took it around the corner thinking there was something of value in it, but notified police when they saw wires and a pipe inside the bag. Police immediately brought in the bomb squad.Authorities recovered five devices in the backpack, one of which exploded during an attempt to disarm it using a robot. (GMA)

Just under 30 percent of French Muslims reject secular laws: poll-[Reuters]-September 18, 2016-YAHOONEWS

PARIS (Reuters) - Just under 30 percent of France's 3 to 4 million Muslims reject the country's secular laws, according to an Ifop poll published by the French weekly Journal du Dimanche.When asked if they considered the Islamic legal and moral code of sharia to be more important than the French Republic's laws, 29 percent of respondents answered "yes."The poll found that 20 percent of male Muslim respondents and 28 percent of female Muslim respondents were in favor of the face veil, the niqab, and of the burqa which covers both face and body.Another 60 percent said they were in favor of letting girls and women wear a head scarf at schools and universities which is forbidden at France's secular public institutions.Deadly attacks by Islamist militants, including bombings and shootings in Paris which killed 130 people last November and a truck attack in Nice killing more than 80 people in July, have raised tensions between communities in France.French Muslim leaders said last month that decisions taken by some municipal authorities to ban the body-covering swimwear the burkini could lead to further stigmatization of Muslims.The Ifop poll contradicted previous estimates which said Muslims made up to 10 percent of France's population of some 65 million. It said Muslims represented 5.6 percent of the country's citizens aged 15 and over and 10 percent of under 25s. It said 84 percent of France's Muslims were under 50.It can be difficult to establish the religious background of French citizens because the country's secular laws forbid the collection of data on religion and ethnicity.There are also many people who may be of Muslim descent, but do not necessarily consider themselves Muslims.The poll, commissioned by the think tank Institut Montaigne, was conducted by phone between April 13 and May 23 among 1,029 people aged 15 and older who were of Muslim faith or culture, extracted from a sample of 15,459 people.(Reporting by Astrid Wendlandt; Editing by Ros Russell)

NY, NJ bombings suspect in custody after wounded in shootout-US media says Afghan-born American nabbed in New Jersey just hours after FBI releases mugshot, calls him ‘armed and dangerous’-By AFP and AP September 19, 2016, 7:09 pm-THE TIMES OF ISRAEL

The Afghan-born American wanted in connection with weekend bombings in New York and New Jersey was taken into custody on Monday following a shootout with police, US television networks reported.Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, was taken into custody by police in Linden, New Jersey, law enforcement officials were quoted as saying by NBC and CNN television. Police in Linden said they had no immediate comment.Linden is a neighboring community immediately southwest of Elizabeth, New Jersey — Rahami’s hometown where FBI officers overnight found and defused a nest of bombs planted at the train station.Rahami is wanted in connection with Saturday bombings in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, which wounded 29 people, and a pipe bomb attack on the Jersey shore, which caused no injuries but forced the cancellation of a US Marine Corps race.Rahami’s reported arrest came around four hours after the FBI released a mugshot of the brown-haired and bearded Rahami, calling him “armed and dangerous,” in text message alerts sent to millions of people in the New York area.Images soon appeared on social media, apparently showing the suspect being wheeled away to an ambulance with gunshot wounds from the shootout with police.NY and NJ Bombing Update:-Suspected bomber is now in custody –@POTUS says no connection to Minnesota mall stabbing pic.twitter.com/I45yt0fvPZ— BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews) September 19, 2016-Governor Andrew Cuomo conceded Monday that investigators could no longer rule out international terrorism.Cuomo had said Sunday that there was no evidence to suggest that the bombing was related to international terrorism, but he appeared to walk that back Monday.“Today’s information suggests it may be foreign related, but we’ll see where it goes,” he said.Authorities were still working to determine whether there is a connection between multiple explosive devices found over the weekend in two states: the Manhattan explosion; an unexploded pressure cooker device blocks away; a pipe bomb blast at a Jersey shore town; and five explosive devices at a New Jersey train station.Cuomo, touring the site of Saturday’s blast that injured 29 people in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, said the unexploded pressure cooker device appeared “similar in design” to the bomb that exploded in Chelsea, but he didn’t provide details.Ahmad Khan Rahami wanted in connection with Chelsea bombing. 28 yrs old. Call 1-800-577-TIPS or 1-800-GIVE-TIP. pic.twitter.com/FjIn27wFrR— NewYorkStatePolice (@nyspolice) September 19, 2016-On Sunday, a federal law enforcement official said the Chelsea bomb contained a residue of Tannerite, an explosive often used for target practice that can be picked up in many sporting goods stores. The discovery of Tannerite may be important as authorities probe whether the two New York City devices and the pipe bomb at the Jersey shore are connected.Cellphones were discovered at the site of both bombings, but no Tannerite residue was identified in the New Jersey bomb remnants, in which a black powder was detected, said the official, who wasn’t authorized to comment on an ongoing investigation and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.The pipe bomb exploded Saturday in Seaside Park, New Jersey, before a charity 5K race to benefit Marines and sailors. The race was canceled and no one was injured.Late Sunday, five suspicious devices were found near a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Elizabeth Mayor Christian Bollwage said the devices were found in a bag in a trash can by two men who reported seeing wires and a pipe coming out of the package. One of the devices exploded as a bomb squad used a robot to try to disarm it. No injuries were reported.

Ahmad Khan Rahami: Everything we know about the NYC and N.J. bombing suspect-Michael Isikoff and Dylan Stableford-•September 19, 2016-YAHOONEWS

Ahmad Khan Rahami, the 28-year-old suspect in the bombings in New York City and New Jersey over the weekend, was taken into custody after a shootout with police in Linden, N.J., on Monday morning, officials said. Two police officers were wounded during Rahami’s arrest, but their injuries were not thought to be serious.ABC’s New York affiliate captured images of the Rahami as he was taken away from the scene in an ambulance. He appeared to have been shot in the right arm.Here is everything we know about Rahami so far: • Rahami, a 28-year-old U.S. citizen of Afghan descent, was born on January 23, 1988, in Afghanistan.• His last known address was in Elizabeth, N.J., where five explosive devices were found at a train station on Sunday night.• Rahami was being sought in connection with an explosion in Seaside Park, N.J., on Saturday morning and the blast that injured 29 people on West 23rd Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood on Saturday night.• Rahami’s family runs a restaurant in Elizabeth, First American Fried Chicken, where he and his brothers also worked.• Rahami’s father traveled to Pakistan in the summer of 2011, according to court records reviewed by Yahoo News.• The Rahami family had filed a lawsuit that year accusing the City of Elizabeth of illegally shutting down the family’s restaurant because of complaints from local residents who were biased against Muslims.• Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage told reporters that he had fielded noise complaints about the restaurant, which was open 24 hours a day, and that family had taken the city to court to try and keep those hours. But the court ruled in the city’s favor, passing an ordinance in 2012 that forced the restaurant to close at 10 p.m., Bollwage said.• Court records in the case show that the lawyer for the Rahami family, Shelley Stangler, asked the judge for a postponement of a settlement conference in the case in July 2011 because her client was in Pakistan.• Stangler said she had been unable to “meet or speak” with her client because “I am advised that he is in Pakistan,” Stangler wrote in the July 19, 2011, letter. “He was supposed to return by July 14, 2011, but is apparently is [sic] having trouble getting an available plane seat and ticket back to the United States.”• The letter provides no further information about the purpose of Mohammed Rahami’s trip or whether other members of his family accompanied him.Ryan McCann, a patron who frequented the restaurant, described the younger Rahami as “a very friendly guy” who gave him free chicken on occasion.“All he talked about was his cars,” McCann said. “About his fast Honda Civics.”“I would’ve never suspected this,” McCann added.Earlier Monday, the FBI released a bulletin seeking the public’s help in locating Rahami.Seen him? https://t.co/IvaT8sZs5n Seeking to find Ahmad Rahami Call 1800Call-FBI or https://t.co/vylOlg95dq pic.twitter.com/Xd2SXytZmD— FBI New York (@NewYorkFBI) September 19, 2016-The New Jersey State Police released additional photos of Rahami Monday morning.**WANTED FOR QUESTIONING**** RETWEET! https://t.co/B3IgarqY2D pic.twitter.com/QUjCFdtVc2— NJSP – State Police (@NJSP) September 19, 2016-“We want to get this guy in for questioning,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on CNN earlier Monday. “I think we’re going to know a lot more in the course of the day. Things are moving very quickly.”Investigators are trying to determine whether Rahami acted alone.On Sunday night, FBI agents in Brooklyn stopped “a vehicle of interest” in the investigation of the Manhattan explosion, according to FBI spokeswoman Kelly Langmesser.According to the Associated Press, five people in the car were being questioned at an FBI building in Manhattan. They have not yet been charged.While authorities said initially there did not appear to be a connection between the explosions and international terrorism, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday he “wouldn’t be surprised if we found a foreign connection to the act.”But at a press conference Monday afternoon, William F. Sweeney, assistant director for the FBI’s New York City field office, said there “no indication” that a terror cell is “operating here.”Saturday’s bombings occurred the same day a man wounded nine people in a stabbing rampage at a Minnesota mall before being shot to death by an off-duty police officer. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.“At this point, we see no connection between that incident and what happened here in New York and New Jersey,” President Obama said shortly after Rahami was captured.

Suspect in New York, New Jersey Bombings Caught After Shootout-By EMILY SHAPIRO, AARON KATERSKY, JOSH MARGOLIN and MIKE LEVINE-SEPT 19,16-YAHOONEWS-Good Morning America

Ahmad Khan Rahami, earlier named a person of interest in the weekend explosions in New York City and New Jersey, was taken into custody and hospitalized this morning after a shootout with police in Linden, New Jersey, the Union County acting prosecutor said today.Rahami has been "directly linked" to the devices used in the New York and New Jersey explosions on Saturday, FBI official Bill Sweeney said.New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said this afternoon there is "every reason to believe this was an act of terror."But there is "no indication that there is a cell operating in the area or in the city," Sweeney said, adding that "the investigation is ongoing.""We will continue to conduct investigative activity to ensure we completely understand Rahami's social network," Sweeney said. "For that reason, I do not plan to answer specific questions about our techniques, or our knowledge of the devices."Rahami was taken into custody in Linden, about 4 miles south of Elizabeth, after being injured in the altercation, during which a responding officer was shot in his bulletproof vest and second officer was injured.Rahami was taken to a hospital in Newark, where he is undergoing surgery, said Grace Park, the Union County acting prosecutor. The extent of his injuries was not immediately clear.The confrontation happened at about 10:30 a.m., when an owner of a Linden bar reported that someone was sleeping in a hallway of his establishment, Linden Mayor Derek Armstead told ABC New York station WABC."One of our police officers went to investigate and to wake him up and realized that he was [Rahami], the suspect that had been being sought in the bombings," Armstead said. "He realized it was the suspect, and within moments, the suspect fired on him. And thank God that he had his vest on. And I think that was very helpful for him. I think that saved his life."Sources say federal prosecutors have drafted charges against Rahami.A source briefed on the investigation said agents are searching for other people they want to talk to and that the investigation is not over.An alert sent shortly before 8 a.m. today says police were seeking a man in connection with the Saturday night bombing in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood — identified by authorities as Rahami, 28. He is believed to be the man seen in surveillance video at both the scene of the explosion on West 23th Street and on West 27th Street, where the unexploded device was found, a police source said.Authorities believe the three bombing incidents this weekend in Seaside Park and Elizabeth in New Jersey and in New York City are related. New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez called the incidents "clearly an act of terrorism."New Jersey State Police officials said this morning that they are looking to question Rahami in connection with the Saturday morning explosion in Seaside Park.His last known address was in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The address of a home searched by FBI agents in Elizabeth this morning is linked to a person with a similar name. Rahami is a U.S. citizen of Afghan descent.The bombs — one exploding in an oceanfront town on the New Jersey shore, one in Manhattan and another in Elizabeth, a town bordering Newark International Airport, just beyond New York City's borders — have put residents, police and other security personnel on high alert. The explosions did not cause any fatalities, but the Chelsea explosion injured 29 people.The latest incident was Sunday night in Elizabeth, about 15 miles southwest of the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. Police recovered five possible homemade pipe bombs in a backpack, and one device exploded early today as a police robot attempted to disarm it. The FBI's Newark office tweeted that its bomb technicians had responded to the scene, along with investigators from Union County and the State Police of New Jersey. No one was injured. Elizabeth borders Newark Airport, one of the busiest airports in the country, and sits across New York Harbor from Manhattan.The Manhattan blast took place on West 23rd Street around 8:30 p.m. Saturday and injured 29 people. All the injured have been released from hospitals, Mayor de Blasio said.New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters Sunday night there was no evidence of international involvement.But he said today he considers the explosion an act of terrorism. "I believe it was an act of terrorism," he said. "I believe you set off a bomb and you try to set off a second bomb, that is an appearance of trying to intimidate New Yorkers."He added, "Yesterday there was no hint of any connection to foreigner terrorism.""No group had taken accountability. No group had put out a statement. It was very early in the investigation. It still is early. But there may very well turn out to be a link to foreign terrorist organizations," he said. "We will find that out today or in the coming days."In the search after the Chelsea explosion, officials found a possible second device on 27th Street, said James O'Neill, the city's police commissioner. The second device, described as a pressure cooker, was removed and did not explode.The first incident of the weekend was Saturday morning, when an apparent improvised explosive device was set off in Seaside Park, a beach town about 90 miles south of New York City.The device went off along the route of a planned 5K charity race to benefit U.S. Marines and sailors. Because of delays with the start of the run, the explosion occurred before many people were nearby.Officials announced late Sunday night the detention of up to five individuals in connection with Saturday night's explosion in Chelsea. No charges were made, and the individuals are no longer in custody, the FBI's Sweeney said today."I'm not going to discuss what they could face in the potential future," he said.As the investigations continue, officials in New York City, the nation's largest city, are preparing to host heads of government from around the world at the annual United Nations General Assembly this week in Manhattan. President Barack Obama is among the speakers.ABC News' J.J. Gallagher and Michael Edison Hayden contributed to this report.

More than 800 immigrants mistakenly granted citizenship-[Associated Press]-ALICIA A. CALDWELL-September 19, 2016-YAHOONEWS

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. government has mistakenly granted citizenship to at least 858 immigrants from countries of concern to national security or with high rates of immigration fraud who had pending deportation orders, according to an internal Homeland Security audit released Monday.The Homeland Security Department's inspector general found that the immigrants used different names or birthdates to apply for citizenship with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and such discrepancies weren't caught because their fingerprints were missing from government databases.DHS said in an emailed statement that an initial review of these cases suggest that some of the individuals may have ultimately qualified for citizenship, and that the lack of digital fingerprint records does not necessarily mean they committed fraud.The report does not identify any of the immigrants by name, but Inspector General John Roth's auditors said they were all from "special interest countries" — those that present a national security concern for the United States — or neighboring countries with high rates of immigration fraud. The report did not identify those countries.DHS said the findings reflect what has long been a problem for immigration officials — old paper-based records containing fingerprint information that can't be searched electronically. DHS says immigration officials are in the process of uploading these files and that officials will review "every file" identified as a case of possible fraud.Roth's report said fingerprints are missing from federal databases for as many as 315,000 immigrants with final deportation orders or who are fugitive criminals. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has not reviewed about 148,000 of those immigrants' files to add fingerprints to the digital record.The gap was created because older, paper records were never added to fingerprint databases created by both the now-defunct Immigration and Naturalization Service and the FBI in the 1990s. ICE, the DHS agency responsible for finding and deporting immigrants living in the country illegally, didn't consistently add digital fingerprint records of immigrants whom agents encountered until 2010.The government has known about the information gap and its impact on naturalization decisions since at least 2008 when a Customs and Border Protection official identified 206 immigrants who used a different name or other biographical information to gain citizenship or other immigration benefits, though few cases have been investigated.Roth's report said federal prosecutors have accepted two criminal cases that led to the immigrants being stripped of their citizenship. But prosecutors declined another 26 cases. ICE is investigating 32 other cases after closing 90 investigations.ICE officials told auditors that the agency hadn't pursued many of these cases in the past because federal prosecutors "generally did not accept immigration benefits fraud cases." ICE said the Justice Department has now agreed to focus on cases involving people who have acquired security clearances, jobs of public trust or other security credentials.Mistakenly awarding citizenship to someone ordered deported can have serious consequences because U.S. citizens can typically apply for and receive security clearances or take security-sensitive jobs.At least three of the immigrants-turned-citizens were able to acquire aviation or transportation worker credentials, granting them access to secure areas in airports or maritime facilities and vessels. Their credentials were revoked after they were identified as having been granted citizenship improperly, Roth said in his report.A fourth person is now a law enforcement officer.Roth recommended that all of the outstanding cases be reviewed and fingerprints in those cases be added to the government's database and that immigration enforcement officials create a system to evaluate each of the cases of immigrants who were improperly granted citizenship. DHS officials agreed with the recommendations and said the agency is working to implement the changes.___Follow Alicia A. Caldwell on Twitter at www.twitter.com/acaldwellap.

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