The Holy Shroud is shown at the Cathedral of Turin, Italy Popular devotion discouraged by the Vatican: The Shroud of Turin is displayed at the Turin Cathedral. Photo: AP
The Shroud of Turin, which since mediaeval times has been revered by many Christians as the burial cloth of Jesus, is about to make its debut on modern media platforms.On Holy Saturday the linen cloth imprinted with the faint image of what appears to be a man's body - which sceptics dismiss as a forgery - was to be shown live on the Italian state broadcaster RAI, 40 years after its first televised ''ostentation'', as exposure of the shroud is known.Pope Francis is providing a prerecorded video message for the event, which was to be broadcast from the Turin Cathedral.
The Holy Shroud Mystery: the fabled cloth. Photo: AP
On Good Friday a Piedmont company, Haltadefinizione, introduced an app, Shroud 2.0, which features images of the cloth along with scientific and theological interpretations prepared with the Diocese of Turin and the International Centre of Sindonology. Sindonology is the scientific study of the shroud.The app ''is a kind of digital ostension'', said Father Roberto Gottardo, vice-president of the diocesan commission that handles matters related to the shroud.Turin has been home to the shroud since it was brought there by the Savoy family in 1578. It is kept in a container in the city cathedral.The Vatican has not recognised the shroud, but neither has it discouraged popular devotion.The New York Times