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DANIEL 7:23-24
23 Thus he said, The fourth beast(THE EU,REVIVED ROME) shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth,(7TH WORLD EMPIRE) which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.(TRADE BLOCKS)
24 And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise:(10 NATIONS) and another shall rise after them;(#11 SPAIN) and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.(BE HEAD OF 3 KINGS OR NATIONS).

German court gives conditional green light to new treaty
VALENTINA POP Today JUNE 30,09 @ 10:48 CET

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Germany's highest court on Tuesday ruled that the EU's new treaty is compatible with German law, so long as the role of the national parliament in EU decision-making is strengthened. The German constitution says yes to the Lisbon treaty, but on a national level the parliament has to have a stronger say in EU matters, vice-president of the German constitutional court, Andreas Vosskuhle, said on Tuesday after reading the verdict.The court in Karlsruhe also said that the treaty and the German constitution would not allow the creation of an EU federal state one of the concerns of the MPs who filed a complaint.But the 147 page-long ruling suspends the ratification process of the treaty until the new provisions requested by the court come into force.Germany's parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of the treaty last year, but the final step of ratification, signature by President Horst Koehler, had not been taken due to the court challenge.Tuesday's decision may have an impact on the ratification calendar, with Ireland, Poland and the Czech Republic also not having completed the process.

The German parliament (Bundestag) only has a few days left until summer recess and there are general elections coming up in September.However, the parliament is planning an extraordinary session on 26 August to examine a draft law on strengthening parliamentary oversight. This should then be voted on 8 September, reports Spiegel Online.European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso welcomed the judgement saying the Treaty of Lisbon is essential for the EU's capacity to act in present times.He also said he was confident that ratification of the document would be completed by all member states by the autumn.


RED ALERT: The Total Takeover Of America Enters Its Final Phase
Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com Monday, June 29, 2009

The wholesale looting of America and the transfer of wealth and power over to a private banking elite who are setting up a world government, along with the complete obliteration of any remaining freedom to protest, resist, or even speak out against this agenda, is now entering its final phase as numerous different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fall into place and portray a clear picture of tyranny.We are about to sound the death knell for the United States if every one of the following attacks on our liberty, free speech, sovereignty, and right to not be ruled over by an unelected banking dictatorship is not fiercely opposed and crushed.


The passage of the Climate Bill by the House and its likely approval by the Senate represents the entrée for the complete and total subjugation of any freedoms we had left and the beginning of nightmare regulation and suffocating control over every aspect of our personal lives by millions of green stasi tasked with enforcing impossible to attain goals of 80% carbon dioxide reduction - all based on the manufactured threat of global warming.This bill will also sink the economy and create a new great depression, effectively obliterating America’s first world status. It represents a transfer of power and wealth from both the U.S. government and the American taxpayer over to the system of world government and global regulation now being erected by means of the climate change hoax.This is far worse than just a new tax as Republicans are complaining - this is the total takeover of the American economy by private banking interests through the carbon trading system.As we have attempted to warn, the major beneficiaries of the climate bill will be the elitists who own the carbon trading systems that will be used to handle the ‘cap and trade’ program, namely Al Gore and Maurice Strong, two figures intimately involved with a long standing movement to use the theory of man made global warming as a mechanism for profit and social engineering.We must rally now to lobby members of Congress who voted for the legislation and demand they change their vote before July 2nd. Failing that, we must demand that the Senate does not rubber stamp this nightmare legislation. Failing that, we must support and organize to craft more legislation based on the example of Arizona, who recently passed state Senate legislation refusing to comply with insane climate laws coming from the federal level.


The seemingly endless economic bailouts represent the wholesale looting of the American taxpayer and the grand theft of trillions of dollars by private banking interests who refuse to even disclose where the money went.Not satisfied with stealing tens of trillions, under the Obama administration’s new regulatory reform plan, the Federal Reserve is now trying to enrich itself with dictator powers that will give it complete control over the U.S. economy, handing them the authority to regulate and shut down any company whose activity it believes could threaten the economy and the markets.We must rally now and lobby more members of Congress to support Ron Paul’s H.R. 1207 bill to audit the Federal Reserve and highlight the fact that Bernanke is spewing financial terrorism when he threatens an economic collapse should the Fed be opened up to scrutiny.


Federal hate crimes legislation, which in reality would criminalize thought crimes, has cleared the House and now faces the Senate as S.909, the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act (officially, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act).S.909 is a direct violation of the First Amendment. It allows the federal government to prosecute people involved in hate speech transmitted over television, radio, and the internet. The House version of the bill states:Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce [radio, TV, internet] any communication, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause substantial emotional distress to a person, using electronic means to support severe, repeated, and hostile behavior, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both. (HR 1966, SEC 3, Sec. 881a)In other words, if a talk show host engages in hostile speech against a person or persons of the above mentioned federally protected group that talk show host will face federal prosecution and the prospect of a two year prison term.The Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act would similarly criminalize free speech on the Internet if it can be deemed in any way to have been harmful to an individual. This represents the end of political blogging and free speech on the world wide web.If both bills are not opposed and thrown out then the First Amendment will become nothing more than a relic of a bygone age.


The Senate bill S.787, otherwise known as the Clean Water Restoration Act (CWRA), would replace language in the regulatory act currently using navigable waters with waters of the United States.What this means is that the government would essentially be able to regulate everything from standing water in floodplains to creeks that run behind business and residences,according to an Environmental Leader report.This represents a complete takeover of private land and waterways by the federal government, a total assault on private property rights and a complete federalization of America’s land and water.In a letter to Senate Environment and Public Works Chair Barbara Boxer and ranking member James Inhofe, the American Farm Bureau Federation said that the proposed law would extend to all water — anywhere from farm ponds, to storm water retention basins, to roadside ditches, to desert washes, to streets and gutters, even to a puddle of rainwater,stated the letter.For the first time in the 36-year history of the act, activities that have no impact on actual rivers and lakes would be subject to full federal regulation.If this bill becomes law, it will empower the federal government to seize private property on a whim, using similar powers that Communist China employed during Chairman Mao’s great leap forward, where landowners had their property violently confiscated and stolen by the government.If this bill passes the Senate, private property rights in the United States are effectively null and void and the federal government would legally have the power to bulldoze families from their homes as routinely happens in Communist China.


Amongst the myriad of assaults on the Second Amendment rights of American citizens undertaken by the Obama administration during the course of its first year in office, the one that stands out as the most alarming is the attempt to ban people who appear on the terrorist watch list from buying guns.But isn’t stopping terrorists from buying guns surely a sensible measure to take? The problem is that the terrorist watch list, sometimes called the no fly list, is not a list of likely terrorists, it is a sprawling database of of innocent people that contains the names of over one million Americans. This is a rise of 32% since 2007 alone.Members of Congress, nuns, war heroes, reverends, the former assistant attorney general, toddlers and children, the ACLU administrator, people with difficult names and all American names like Robert Johnson and Gary Smith, have become caught in the vast tentacle of this list, documents the ACLU.Moreover, once a person is included on the terrorist watch list it is virtually impossible to get off it.The terrorist watch list is an ever-expanding tool with which to deny Americans basic rights as well as to strip them completely of the Fourth Amendment.Now it is being used to prevent law-abiding citizens from purchasing firearms. Legislation sponsored by the The Government Accountability Office seeks to close the gap and prevent victims of the terrorist watch list from being able to purchase firearms.This represents a new end run around the Second Amendment and a concerted effort on behalf of the federal government to classify millions of innocent Americans as potential terrorists, thus stripping them of their Constitutional right to own firearms.


Our right to protest against any of the egregious assaults on the Constitution that are listed above is itself being removed by new law enforcement and Pentagon training manuals and guidelines that define protesting as domestic terrorism.Current Department of Defense anti-terrorism training course material states that the exercise of First Amendment rights in the U.S. constitutes terrorist activity.Over the last few years we have documented countless examples of security assessment reports from the likes of the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, as well as police training manuals, which state that anti-war protesters, gun owners, veterans, Ron Paul supporters and those who merely cite the Constitution should be equated with extremists and domestic terrorists.The fact that the government is now treating people who merely criticize its conduct as domestic terrorists is the clearest signal possible that the United States has entered a period in history similar to Germany in the early 1930’s and that it can only be a matter of time before the right emergency provides the justification for dissidents to be targeted for round-ups and mass imprisonment.No one can claim now that this is merely a paranoid delusion - the government itself is training its law enforcement and military arms that protesters and people who use their First Amendment rights are domestic terrorists. The last time this happened was under King George shortly before the American Revolution.


If we don’t stand up in unison and exercise our right to protest and free speech now more than ever before, while pointing out that the real terrorists are those who would seek to destroy the freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights, then we may find ourselves doing our protesting behind the barbed wires and the concrete blocks of an internment camp.The hour is late, the clock stands at one minute to midnight, and the federal government, through all the examples documented above, is on the verge of implementing nothing less than a total environmental, financial and societal dictatorship and killing what once was the United States of America.Almost identical programs of total enslavement are also being pushed through in almost every other major western country at the same time.If we don’t stop obsessing about the minutia of life and actually concentrate on the imminent destruction of the very principles of our livelihoods, the bedrock freedoms that allow us to operate in relative comfort on a daily basis and be reasonably secure in our own homes, being able to pay our bills, put food on the table, earn money, and air our grievances when government threatens to impinge on those basic freedoms, then there will be nothing left but a rotten hollow carcass and a memory of what America once strived to be - land of the free, home of the brave - not land of the thief, home of the slave.

Pandemic Response Plans by State
FedGov Documents on Public Health Preparedness

Buchanan: Climate Bill Is Transfer Of Wealth To World Government
Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com Monday, June 29, 2009

During an appearance on MSNBC, political commentator Pat Buchanan correctly defined the Climate Bill for what it really is, not just a new tax on the American people, but a complete transfer of power and wealth to a global government that is using the manufactured fear of global warming to grease the skids for total domination.

Referring to the passage of the climate bill and global warming in general, Buchanan said that the legislation was passed through the use of fear and that, More and more scientists are coming forward to say this is a hoax and a scam which is designed to transfer wealth and power from the private sector to the government sector and from the government of the United States to a world government. Which is what we’re going to get in Copenhagen when we get this Kyoto two agreement.Buchanan labeled the legislation a tax bill that would raise the prices of utilities for every American, hammer the middle class and working class, for a danger that we don’t even know is really there.The former senior advisor to three U.S. presidents accused the Obama administration of hyping the apocalyptic myth that the oceans will rise and that cities will be underwater in order to ram through the legislation.Establishment left-wing blogs like Crooks and Liars and Media Matters are carrying the video of Buchanan’s remarks with little or no accompanying commentary, as if Buchanan’s comments alone are enough to discredit his position.Those who act as shills for the climate change hoax may believe that anyone who dares challenge the authodoxy of the church of global warming is automatically a heretic and that no evidence whatsoever needs to even be presented to counter their sacrilege, but here in the real world we prefer to stick to the facts.Empirical satellite data shows that mean global temperatures are the same that they were 30 years ago and that global sea ice is also at similar levels. Following a spike in global temperatures at the end of the last century that coincided with the sun undergoing its most active period in recent times, the planet has now cooled to 1979 levels. At the end of summer last year, despite hysterical predictions that the North Pole would be free of ice for the first time in history, Arctic sea ice had actually expanded by 30 per cent, an area the size of Germany.Coinciding with expanding ice sheets, there has been no rise in sea levels for the past three years. Tropical storms and extreme weather events attributed to global warming like hurricanes and typhoons are at a record low.

The United Nations’s IPCC, the heavily politicized organization that is often erroneously cited as an independent scientific body by climate change promoters, was last year caught citing fake data to make the case that global warming is accelerating, a shocking example of mass public deception.This was startling,reported the London Telegraph. Across the world there were reports of unseasonal snow and plummeting temperatures last month, from the American Great Plains to China, and from the Alps to New Zealand. China’s official news agency reported that Tibet had suffered its worst snowstorm ever. In the US, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration registered 63 local snowfall records and 115 lowest-ever temperatures for the month, and ranked it as only the 70th-warmest October in 114 years.It soon came to light that the data produced by NASA to make the claim, and in particular temperature records covering large areas of Russia, was merely carried over from the previous month. NASA had used temperature records from the naturally hotter month of September and claimed they represented temperature figures for October.As David Deming points out in his excellent article today, temperature data collected by weather stations is being artificially impacted by measuring systems placed nearby to sources of heat. This is why claims that global temperatures are still rising are completely contradicted by real world evidence of falling temperatures and what some scientists are warning is the beginning of a new ice age.Why do people think the planet is warming?,writes Deming.One reason is that the temperature data from weather stations appear to be hopelessly contaminated by urban heat effects. A survey of the 1221 temperature stations in the US by meteorologist Anthony Watts and his colleagues is now more than 80 percent complete. The magnitude of putative global warming over the last 150 years is about 0.7 °C. But only 9 percent of meteorological stations in the US are likely to have temperature errors lower than 1 °C. More than two-thirds of temperature sensors used to estimate global warming are located near artificial heating sources such as air conditioning vents, asphalt paving, or buildings. These sources are likely to introduce artifacts greater than 2 °C into the temperature record.

Every year in the US, more than forty thousand people are killed in traffic accidents. But not one single person has ever been killed by global warming. The number of species that have gone extinct from global warming is exactly zero. Both the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets are stable. The polar bear population is increasing. There has been no increase in infectious disease that can be attributed to climate change. We are not currently experiencing more floods, droughts, or forest fires,he concludes.As we have attempted to warn, the major beneficiaries of the climate bill will be the elitists who own the carbon trading systems that will be used to handle the cap and trade program, namely Al Gore and Maurice Strong, two figures intimately involved with a long standing movement to use the theory of man made global warming as a mechanism for profit and social engineering.Gore’s investment company, Generation Investment Management, which sells carbon offset opportunities, is the largest shareholder of The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).While Maurice Strong, who is regularly credited as founding father of the modern environmental movement, serves on the board of directors of CCX. Strong was a leading initiate of the Earth Summit in the early 90s, where the theory of global warming caused by CO2 generated by human activity was most notably advanced.

Israel Prepares F-15 Jets for Long Range Attack
by Gil Ronen JUNE 29,09

(IsraelNN.com) The Israel Air Force’s F-15 fleet is undergoing an upgrade, with systems that make it better equipped for complex long distance attack scenarios. The systems are being installed in both the F-15 and the F-15I -- a model of the F-15 that was developed by its U.S. manufacturer specifically for the IAF.According to IDF journal BaMachaneh, the F-15I model is currently being fitted with two new systems – one called Barad Pelada (Steel Hail), and another named Lightning. The Barad Pelada advanced weapons system has been operational in the IAF’s F-16s for almost four years, but had to be modified in order to fit the F-15. Barad Pelada is an advanced Israeli armament that operates like a smart bomb. The system is unique in that it is able to plan the bombing in an accurate way by identifying the target from above,a knowledgeable source in the IAF explained. After the identification, the system carries out guidance to the target and only then is impact made.The Lightning advanced attack system has also been in use in the IAF’s other jets. Until now, the F-15I jets had to rely on the older Inbar system, which used to be fitted in all of the IAF’s jets but was gradually phased out. The Inbar system is capable of providing an operational solution in some ranges, but other attack scenarios require advanced systems like the Lightning, IAF sources said.The need for the new system led to an accelerated procedure of development of advanced means,a source in the IAF’s Weapons Department explained.Once the testing at the Flight Experiment Center is finished, we will complete the system’s integration in the aircraft.

A combination of two systems
For the time being, however, the F-15I jets will not part with the older Inbar systems. From now on, the aircraft will enjoy a combination of both attack systems and will enjoy a meaningful advantage in their operational activity, the sources said.

The F-15 jets, meanwhile, recently received a new weapon system named Barad Kaved (Heavy Hail) and used it for the first time during operation Cast Lead in Gaza in early 2009. IAF sources said the use was a success. The F-15 fighters used Barad Kaved in attacks with zero malfunctions, and we are very pleased with its performance in the operation,the sources said.Pilots' Course graduation ceremony (Israel news photo: IAF website).

Sharp as a razor
The reelection of Iran’s president, his grave utterances regarding his will to harm the state of Israel and Iran’s continual effort to achieve unconventional weapons require us to maintain an army that is coiled and ready to spring into action, and an Air Force that is skilled and sharp as a razor, that will stand up to any enemy and remove any threat from our citizens and residents,IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi said Thursday in an IAF ceremony for new pilots at the Hatzerim Air Force Base.

Navy Drops US Warship for Made-in-Israel Option
Tammuz 7, 5769, 29 June 09 09:30by Yehudah Lev Kay

(Israelnationalnews.com) The Israeli navy has dropped plans to purchase U.S. made warships and instead is exploring the possibility of a home-grown military shipbuilding industry, according to the website of Defense News.

Meko Warship

IsraelThe Ministry of Defense had originally planned on purchasing either the small Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) from Lockheed Martin or similar corvettes built by Northrop Grumman. However, costs for the LCS ships skyrocketed to $637 million, and costs for the corvettes were estimated at $450 million, both deemed prohibitive to the navy.As much as we sought commonality with the U.S. Navy, it became much, much more expensive than planned,a naval source said.At the end of the day, we had no choice but to face that fact that, for us, it was unaffordable.Instead, the ministry is now considering building two ships based on the German Meko A-100 corvette at the Israel Shipyards in Haifa, where the project would give a much-needed shot in the arm to the economy.One of the things we put on the table is how to vector our urgent operational needs into a project that can support local industry, the source said. We believe a strong case can be made for making this into a national project that fosters self sufficiency and provides all the economic benefits that come with creating a military shipbuilding industry.The 2,200-ton Meko was designed by the Hamburg-based ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, which currently builds Dolphin-class submarines for the Israeli navy. The version to be built in Haifa would likely include on-board systems built by the Israel Aerospace Industries.

The main issue which needs to be worked out for the program to take off is how the defense ministry will finance a home-grown ship building plan estimated to cost $600 million.If political leaders determine that this is a critical national program, then it’s reasonable to expect significant funding to come from the Treasury, a second naval officer said. In addition, the navy is examining how a part of annual U.S. foreign military financing to Israel could be used to fund the project. Israel used part of those funds to finance the locally produced Merkava battle tank, which incorporates raw materials and an engine produced in the U.S. The price for involving U.S. funds in the plan, however, is a limit on Israel’s ability to export the technology, as is the case with the Merkava.

OUTBREAK! Where government ships radiation, infectious waste,Public exposed as contagious medical trash routinely trucked across America's highways June 29, 2009
9:39 pm Eastern By Chelsea Schilling 2009 WorldNetDaily

Contaminated needles and scalpels, bloodied bandages, body parts, unused prescription drugs, soiled hospital garments, radioactive waste and refuse tainted with infectious disease: These are only a few items that may be discarded on a curbside, abandoned in a nearby lake or piled in a dumpster headed for the local landfill. Some say Americans are simply oblivious to the imminent risk of major hazards and contagions spreading throughout their communities at any given time. Former Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Calif., grew concerned about medical waste hauling after Sept. 11. He told WND that 15 years ago, the nation's hospitals incinerated much of the infectious waste on site. However, the Environmental Protection Agency mandated strict guidelines for incinerators after concerns about air pollution, forcing most hospitals to hire truck drivers to haul medical waste away. What happened was that most hospitals and most doctors' offices started going off site because they had no other way of treating it on site,Pombo said.So this industry was born that picked up medical waste and took it to a centralized site. Those centralized sites are sometimes several hundred miles away from the doctor's office or the hospital where they're picking this stuff up.

Darrell Henry, executive director of the Healthcare Waste and Emergency Preparedness Coalition, expressed concerns about national safety when contagious medical waste that could be contaminated with hepatitis, tuberculosis, flu or even small pox is trucked across America's roadways. Even medicine can scary: The dark side of vaccines finally exposed! More than 80 percent of the hospitals in the country truck this stuff somewhere,he told WND.They throw this stuff on the back dock and let it sit there. A truck comes and picks it up, and now it's a mobile Petri dish moving across our highways, going to be treated somewhere when you could have treated it on site and been done with it.Biohazard bags and sharps piled into bins at medical facility (photo: Healthcare Waste and Emergency Preparedness Coalition)While they are subject to the same background checks as other truck drivers, workers who haul infectious waste often do not have special training or licensing for dealing with contagious materials. San-I-Pak World Health Systems Vice President Arthur McCoy told WND some drivers are drug addicts who collect medical scraps and sift through the piles in search of their next high.

Trucker hauls medical waste

A lot of times these guys have been arrested because they want to get into the medical waste and try to recover narcotics or prescription medicines, he said.Then, after these guys are contaminated, they go to the same gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants as the rest of us. There's a lot of cross contamination.Each year, there are numerous news reports of medical waste trucks involved in accidents on major U.S. highways. In many cases, hospital refuse and even hazardous radioactive medical waste is strewn across roads, discarded in ditches or illegally dumped on beaches and in America's communities.Pombo said some companies charge medical facilities up to $20 per pound to haul infectious waste away.To save a few hundred dollars, they might throw it on the dumpster the day before trash day, and it will be hauled to the regular trash facility,he said.It then goes through the regular transfer station with people separating out recyclables. They don't know what they're being exposed to.McCoy said he has witnessed small clinics discarding numerous red biohazard bags in trash bins.I was just casually driving by a little medical complex and saw medical waste bags piling up out of a dumpster,he said.That's how common this is. It's pretty scary.One such example was documented in the following KVUE News report after police found hundreds of syringes near a busy shopping center in Cedar Park, Texas, in October: Despite shocking details of the public's daily exposure to infectious waste, Henry said his major concern is about emergency preparedness. He said medical facilities must be equipped to deal with contagions during pandemics, natural disasters and national emergencies – when infection is rampant and waste haulers cannot meet hospital waste removal demands. In New York on Sept. 11, nothing got on or off Manhattan Island for a week,he said,yet you had hospitals that needed sustainable operation capability to keep going.Pombo added, After Sept. 11 in New York City, the hospitals that had the capability of treating on site were able to treat their waste. For the ones that didn't, the stuff stacked up, and it was basically locked down. The trucks couldn't get in and out. So there were patient rooms in the hospitals that had bags and bags of contagious medical waste because they had no way to treat it.

Medical waste mixed with regular garbage (photo: HWEPC)

Pombo noted that officials had no way of controlling contagions when people were locked down during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and hospitals could have been ready with on-site waste treatment equipment. Their transportation system was gone,he said. They had no way of getting anything in and out once it flooded.Likewise, Henry said if there's an earthquake in a location like San Francisco, hospitals must keep functioning.They won't have to worry and wait for trucks to come pick stuff up and take it over the bridge. Last time when the Oakland Bay Bridge collapsed, they closed all the bridges for days,he said.Pombo, Henry and McCoy are each concerned the same issues might arise in cases of bioterrorism. While contagious waste management is a subject often neglected in the news media and by lawmakers, they say the nation could be crippled in the event of such emergencies under the current system. Following recent swine flu concerns, Henry wrote a letter to Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of Health and Human Services, warning her of the need to control infectious waste during national emergencies.Rep. Frank Pallone Jr., D-N.J., introduced legislation in May to set a nationwide uniform tracking system for medical waste disposal.The Medical Waste Management Act of 2009, or HR 2552, has been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. It mandates the monitoring of waste from the place of origin to disposal facilities and addresses syringe disposal procedures.However, Henry said the legislation simply creates a paper trail for tracking purposes and doesn't encourage hospitals to destroy infectious waste on site.This legislation basically tells EPA to decide how it's to be treated. But I look at this and ask, are you going to let EPA decide how to do this? Henry said.They could screw this up. We're looking to ensure that certain on-site capabilities qualify under EPA so that in an emergency the hospitals can do this on site. EPA is just looking at putting a regulatory scheme into place, not considering the best practices for hospitals and medical waste infection control.While certain types of pathological and pharmaceutical waste must be incinerated, affordable technologies can cleanly, safely and economically sterilize other infectious waste at each hospital and experts say doing so would be cleaner, safer and less costly than the current alternative.Autoclave on hospital grounds can sterilize and compact medical waste (photo: San-I-Pak)

McCoy said San-I-Pak, the world leader in on-site waste treatment systems, provides autoclaves to hospitals to sanitize and compact infectious waste so contagions never leave hospital grounds. The machines allow medical facilities to remain efficient during emergencies so they are not forced to depend on truck drivers to haul away contaminated refuse. In our system, the waste is automatically loaded into the autoclave from the collection carts. Nobody ever touches the material,he said. Once the material goes into the San-I-Pak unit, it's sterilized. After it's sterilized, it discharges into a compactor and then it's comingled with the rest of the waste.The autoclaves cost less than off-site disposal and are also capable of sterilizing hospital laundry and even disposable items such as gowns, masks and gloves under extreme circumstances.After processing, the waste is said to be cleaner than common household garbage.Henry said the government should focus on enabling hospitals to buy similar equipment that would help them deal with a crisis rather than mandating restrictions and paper trails on off-site disposal of infectious waste.Pombo said most people aren't aware that infectious and potentially contagious waste is being trucked through their communities, and the subject isn't a particularly glamorous issue for lawmakers to address.One of the problems is that this is garbage,Pombo said.Nobody pays a lot of attention to what comes out of that end of the facility. Until there's a major outbreak of something that gets a lot of press attention, no one will pay attention.

Israel Fed Up with US Declarations against Yesha
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu JUNE 29,09

A senior Israeli government official said that Israel is fed up with American statements against Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, the Hebrew-language Yisrael HaYom (Israel Today) newspaper reported Monday.As Defense Minister Ehud Barak flies to Washington for meetings with U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell, the unnamed senior official stated,Israel will demand that any compromise be part of a wider program of regional peace, and only after agreement on the basic principles outlines by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in his [recent] speech at Bar-Ilan University.The Prime Minister declared for the first time that he would accept the creation of a new Arab state on part of the land of Judea and Samaria on condition that it be de-militarized and that the Palestinian Authority recognize Israel as a Jewish state. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has categorically rejected both conditions after having been encouraged by American and European support for the Arab-world demands that Israel surrender all of the land restored to the Jewish state in the Six-Day War in 1967, including the Western Wall and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Government sources told Yisrael HaYom that during Defense Minister Barak’s visit, The Americans will hear decisive statements regarding the possibility of freezing construction for Jews in Judea and Samaria. Israel will be prepared to listen to a freeze only if it is temporary and if the Americans will explicitly state that it will later approve building in communities with a high concentration of Jewish residents.Israel has stated for public consumption that good relations with the U.S. are important, but any freeze, even temporary, is likely to meet stiff opposition from Shas and Likud party ministers. Shas leader Interior Minister Eli Yishai (Shas) said, This kind of thinking is incorrect. The discussion needs to be not only about settlements but also about obligations of the PA.The Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria (Yesha) is thoroughly opposed to any restrictions on building for Jews but is willing to vacate certain hilltop communities, also called outposts.

Pinchas Wallerstein, a long-time leader in Yesha, wrote in a local newspaper in Samaria this week that if an outpost was built on Arab land that cannot be purchased by Jews, the Yesha Council would agreed to transfer it to another location on condition that the current building freeze is removed. He charged that the new American government is trying to take Barak Hussein Obama's pound of flesh for the Arab world towards which he now sets his sights.President Obama stated in his Cairo University speech earlier this month that the U.S. does not view the settlements as legitimate.he has issued repeated calls for a halt to building for Jews,Even the Washington Post, which usually sides against Israeli policies in Yesha, is concerned with the Obama administration having painted itself a corner in the Arab-Israeli peace process. Jackson Diehl, the newspaper’s deputy editorial page editor, wrote Monday morning: The administration made the mistake of insisting that an Israeli settlement freeze a term the past three administrations agreed to define loosely must mean a total stop to all construction in the West Bank and even East Jerusalem.This absolutist position is a loser for three reasons. First, it has allowed Palestinian and Arab leaders to withhold the steps they were asked for; they claim to be waiting for the settlement freeze even as they quietly savor a rare public battle between Israel and the United States. Second, the administration's objective whatever its merits is unobtainable. No Israeli government has ever agreed to an unconditional freeze, and no coalition could be assembled from the current parliament to impose one.

Finally, the extraction of a freeze from Netanyahu is, as a practical matter, unnecessary. While further settlement expansion needs to be curbed, both the Palestinian Authority and Arab governments have gone along with previous U.S.Israeli deals by which construction was to be limited to inside the periphery of settlements near Israel since everyone knows those areas will be annexed to Israel in a final settlement.

then the angel said, Financial crisis will come to Asia. I will shake the world.

JAMES 5:1-3
1 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.
2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.
3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

REVELATION 18:10,17,19
10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.
17 For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off,
19 And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate.

19 They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

16 And he(FALSE POPE) causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:(CHIP IMPLANT)
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.(6-6-6) A NUMBER SYSTEM



09:30 AM -3.10
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03:30 PM -106.64
04:00 PM -82.38 8447.00

S&P 500 919.32 -7.91

NASDAQ 1835.04 -9.02

GOLD 928.50 -12.50

OIL 70.12 -1.37

TSE 300 10,375.22 -101.55

CDNX 1091.97 -13.59

S&P/TSX/60 630.11 -6.53


Dow -2.81%
S&P +2.65%
Nasdaq +16.93%
TSX Advances 873,declines 648,unchanged 257,Volume 1,457,657,947.
TSX Venture Exchange Advances 340,Declines 447,Unchanged 351,Volume 227,368,929.

Dow +18 points at 4 minutes of trading today.
Dow -132 points at low today.
Dow +32 points at high today so far.
GOLD opens at $935.70.OIL opens at $71.23 today.

Dow -132 points at low today so far.
Dow +32 points at high today so far.

NYSE Advances 1,053,declines 2,433,unchanged 107,New Highs 18,New Lows 36.
Volume 2,376,718,255.
NASDAQ Advances 1,002,declines 1,516,unchanged 121,New highs 26,New Lows 10.
Volume 753,208,597.
TSX Advances 432,declines 803,unchanged 277,Volume 803,267,162.
TSX Venture Exchange Advances 231,Declines 283,Unchanged 265,Volume 107,937,459.

Dow -135 points at low today.
Dow +32 points at high today.
Dow -0.97% today Volume 233,248,897.
Nasdaq -0.49% today Volume 1,966,880,766.
S&P 500 -0.85% today Volume N/A



April 21, 2009

As long as there have been taxes, there have been tax avoiders. And as long as there have been tax avoiders, there have been tax havens. Broadly speaking, any country that is known for helping individuals or businesses avoid taxes can be described as a tax haven. Some are very forthcoming and proudly advertise the tax advantages of living there, while others are more discreet. In either case, tax havens have a long and enduring legacy in civil society (with anestimated $11.5 trillion currently stashed in offshore accounts) and each one offers something different to aspiring tax dodgers.

Luxembourg-Luxembourg is an attractive place for foreigners to stash excess wealth, as the entire country (said to be among the richest in the world - in per capita terms) seems to have a rather lax attitude toward tax collection. According to one websitethat profiles tax havens: although they have taxes, nobody seems to work too hard on collecting them.Amenities: No tax on bank interest, investment dividends, or capital gains for non-residents.

Cook Islands-The Cook Islands have much to offer prospective tax dodgers, including the sheer natural beauty of its beach climate. Combined with the tax advantages discussed below, it’s no wonder shamed Australian entrepreneur Alan Bond stashed his money here before it all came crumbling down on top of him. Not everyone has such a rosy view of the Cook Islands, however. AssetProtectionBook.com describes several instances where Cook Islands-based trusts were successfully invalidated by foreign judges and attorneys, some of whom actually specialize in going after trusts that are based there.Amenities: No capital gains taxes, income taxes, or death taxes levied on investors.

Cayman Islands-Hedge fund managers and investors have grown particularly fond of the Cayman Islands, which relies solely on indirect methods of taxation like import duties, tourist fees, and licensing fees to sustain its government and operations. The Caymans got major press during the 2008 Presidential debates when Barack Obama slammed their tax haven status, declaring there’s a building in the Cayman Islands that houses supposedly 12,000 US-based corporations. That’s either the biggest building in the world or the biggest tax scam in the world, and we know which one it is.Amenities: No income, capital gains, gift, or estate taxes on individuals or offshore corporations.

Channel Islands-Investors with real estate-based investment trusts (or REITs) in their portfolio will find the Channel Islands much to their liking. A 2007 Telegraph article notes that UK-based REIT investors are flocking to the Channel Islands (located between the shores of France and England) where their investment income is taxed at far lighter rates than the mainland UK. In addition to REIT investors, the Channel Islands are also apparently attracting their fair share of of e-commerce firms and web companies (including UK retailer Play.com.)Amenities: Low taxes on property investment income, low incorporation costs.

Bermuda-What could be better than floating in these crystal-clear waters and sipping an exotic drink with the knowledge that your business profits are completely shielded from taxation? These and other benefits help explain why entire companies (such as Tyco) have moved their operations to Bermuda. And while other tax havens are coming under intense legal scrutiny, a 2002 Seattle PI article notes that what these American companies are doing in Bermuda appears to be perfectly legal under the tax code.Amenities: While Bermuda does not currently offer much in the way of tax benefits for individuals, businesses enjoy a total exemption from income and capital gains taxes.

Dubai-Dubai is the tax haven of choice for those seeking to do business with Russian companies and investors. It is also home to a sizable pool of job talent and business contacts of all kinds. According to one website, Dubai is blossoming into leading UAE commercial gateway to more than 1.5 billion consumers in Asia, Africa, Europe, India and the Middle East.Amenities: No taxes of any kind, no tax audits, no information shared with prying government agencies.

Lichtenstein-Lichtenstein is rumored to be one of history’s earliest tax havens, and it has a well-deserved reputation among tax dodgers. Unfortunately, the success of evading taxes in Lichtenstein may be leading to its own undoing! Forbes recently reportedthat German spies have been dispatched to the country to hunt down suspicious activity from its own citizens.Amenities: Very easy for foreigners to set up trusts (just use a locally-hired attorney or nominee.)

British Virgin Islands-According to a Yahoo! News article, More than 400,000 companies share a few local addresses on the British Virgin Islands, despite having no employees there and often evading taxes in their native countries as well. Indeed, offshoring is so integral to the local economy that it provides over half of all government revenue.Amenities: Business owners are attracted to the British Virgin Islands for, among other things, the extremely low incorporation and trust maintenance fees that the Islands have to offer.

Andorra-Those who are looking for a basic tax shelter to avoid taxes on personal income (versus sophisticated tax avoidance schemes for hedge funds, corporations, or investment vehicles) will find what they have been looking for in Andorra, a small, landlocked country in Western Europe that is one of only three countries remaining on OCED’s blacklist of uncooperative tax havens. While Andorra recently instituted a small capital gains tax, the overall tax savings still far outweighs it’s liability.
Amenities: No personal income tax.

Switzerland-No list of tax havens would be complete without the one that paved the way for them all: Switzerland. Famously utilized by celebrities and rich people around the world, Switzerland is best known for its Swiss bank accounts, which offer anonymity and protection from prying eyes of all kinds. An eye-opening article atTax Justice USA describes how celebrities hide their money in Switzerland. It’s well worth a look! Amenities: High level of secrecy and confidentiality, no taxes on money saved.

Gibraltar-The UK colony of Gibraltar has a proud and distinguished history as a tax shelter and today, an online gambling epicenter. But as with many successful tax havens, Gibraltar’s reputation is landing it in hot water with countries who frown upon tax evasion. Most recently, Spain pleaded with OCED to blacklist Gibraltar as uncooperative, as a result of Spanish efforts to investigate financial corruption and, allegations that Gibraltar shelters corrupt businesses.The EU has also recently pressured the UK to stop offering tax breaks to offshore companies based in Gibraltar, but this yet too have resulted in any significant changes.Amenities: Low gambling tax (1% on all winnings), low taxes on offshore corporations

Belize-Not all countries are eager to advertise their coziness with tax dodgers, but Belize has nothing to hide. According to Shelter Offshore, Belize openly writes its laws with an eye toward tax avoidance, further noting that Belize learned from the successes and mistakes of other tax havens around the world and designed its legislation carefully so that it would become THE most attractive tax haven globally.
Amenities: Names of directors & shareholders of offshore companies are concealed, very fast incorporation time (1-3 days)

Vanuatu-An important consideration in choosing a tax haven is whether the country in question will share information with governments or investigators. This is where the Micronesian Pacific island of Vanuatu shines, as it shares no account information whatsoever with law enforcement. Another interesting tidbit: Vanuatu-headquartered businesses and bank accounts apparently played a role in voter fraud during the 2004 US Presidential election! Amenities: Highest level of secrecy, no income, capital gains, or inheritance taxes.

Greneda-Another tax haven with exceptional climate and cultural appeal beyond its tax advantages is Greneda, a favorite of banking trust investors around the world. But be careful! As recently as 2001, Grenada was entangled in a scandal that saw roughly $150 million stolen from some six thousand offshore American depositors. It was also reported that while many tax havens were beginning to clean up their act, Grenada has proved a particularly poor regulator.Amenities: Strict confidentiality of offshore corporations and accounts, bank trust laws among the best in existence.

Cyprus-Named in a recent survey as one of the most attractive tax havens in Europe, Cyprus has almost unprecedented support from the local civilian and business community regarding its taxation practices. In all of Europe, no other country’s citizens are as happy with the level of taxation currently in effect than those living in Cyprus. It is also described as an ideal country in which to form an offshore corporation.Amenities: Low corporate tax rate (10%), no capital gains tax, no withholding tax on offshore companies.

The cover charge at this club? An RFID implant
Mon Jun 29, 2009 6:03PM EDT

It works for Fido, so why not you? The same RFID implants used to identify lost pets are now being adapted for use on you and me, and not how one might have originally expected. As with all pioneering technologies, it's leisure pursuits that are getting the first stab at the tech.Specifically: One beach-oriented Barcelona nightclub, the Baja Beach Club, is using the implants to free customers of the burdens of having to carry their purses or wallets. Makes sense: When you're spending the day in a bikini and flip-flops, where do you keep your ID? Instead, the bouncer just scans your arm with an RFID reader, and you're in. And since you can't carry a credit card or cash either, the implants do double duty: You can pay for drinks with a quick scan of the chip. Chipped patrons also gain access to VIP areas of the club.The implant procedure is simple and mostly painless (except for all the legal paperwork required): The area where the chip is injected is thoroughly numbed, then the glass capsule is injected beneath a layer of skin and fat on the arm. It's an interesting experiment, and I'm intrigued to see whether the idea will catch on. The catch, of course, becomes what will happen if a lot of clubs in one area decide to do this. One RFID chip under the skin is probably an interesting conversation piece. A dozen in one arm might make you walk funny. Obviously the one-chip-per-establishment system isn't really sustainable in the long run.

Could someone come along and develop a broad human RFID chip standard? Such plans have been being talked about for years, but nothing much has ever come of it. Naturally, security implications are huge: RFID tags can be scanned, copied, and altered by savvy hackers, and it would be a simple matter for a wily crook to scan people en masse as they pass through, say, the entrance of a mall. It's one thing if they're making off with free drinks on your dime, another if they can suck your life away with the wave of a wand.Pro or con? Well... it's something to think and talk about while you're doing all that drinking!


WARNING: The European Union and Political Correctness John Midgley JUNE 29,09

Political correctness is like a poisonous gas seeping through the air, creeping inside our national institutions and taking over our great country.Like many invisible poisonous gases, it came from behind and attacked when we least expected it. Initially we were compliant, quiet and accepting – almost in a state of shock. Despite it not sitting comfortably with our way of life, most of us just ignored it and hoped it would go away. Only now are most people waking up to the real danger that political correctness poses.Political correctness is one of the biggest peacetime threats to freedom this country has ever seen.It is also the reason for the foundation of the Campaign Against Political Correctness.The Campaign aims to make the case against political correctness at every opportunity and to act as a one-stop ideas shop and information point on the subject. It is also trying to bring like-minded people together to start the fight back against this ever-growing monster.

Many people cannot understand how something so hated and controlling has managed to grow into such a beast. There are many reasons for this – our education system, politicians at all different levels, the media and our own self-censorship.However, another reason for the increase in political correctness is the politically correct interference and diktats that are foisted upon us from the European Union.This is why one of the stated ambitions of the Campaign is to see an end to the acceptance of directives from the European Union which undermine our British way of life.

The Problem
Political correctness is so widespread now that everybody has heard examples of it even if they have not directly experienced it a number of times themselves.

There are many ways of defining political correctness:

Political correctness is when people say or do something which they know to be untrue or unnecessary; or when they do not say or do something (which they know to be true or necessary) as they are too afraid or embarrassed to be honest or commonsensical.
Political correctness is about trying to make up for past perceived inequalities by replacing meritocracy and equality of opportunity with equality of outcome through discrimination against people with the same physical qualities as those perceived to have been beneficiaries of other systems in the past.Political correctness encourages offence to be taken where none is intended and is a serious threat to free speech. Despite being portrayed to be in the name of tolerance, political correctness is completely intolerant of anyone who does not act in a politically correct fashion.
There is the banning of local Punch and Judy shows in case they encourage domestic violence; insulting committee chairmen by labeling them chair - a piece of furniture; changing words like man or black in case they cause offence; banning competitive sports days so that there are no winners or losers and stopping parents taking photographs of their children in case they are thought to be paedophiles.Then there are also the politically correct measures which are being put in place now that will have huge ramifications for the future of our country.Perhaps, not surprisingly, many of the more damaging aspects of political correctness are floating across the water from Europe.

The European Union Contribution – So Far
You need look no further at the contribution the European Union has made to the increase in political correctness than by examining the fury over the nomination of the Italian, Rocco Buttiglione, in October 2004 to be the European Union’s Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner.Setting aside, for now, the issue of whether or not there should even be such a job, what had this former Italian Cabinet Minister said or done that led to him being considered unfit to be a Commissioner? As a committed Roman Catholic, he apparently thought that homosexuality was a sin. Many Christians both here and on the continent would agree with him.Yet this genuinely held religious belief led to the withdrawal of Mr Buttiglione’s nomination.This incident shows just how much of a supreme thought police the European Union is for the 25 member states.

The existing institutions of the European Union have contributed to the rise of political correctness in this country. It should really come as no surprise when European bureaucrats or even European judges try to impose some more of these alien concepts upon us using their existing powers under the present Treaties.As Daniel Hannan MEP pointed out in his Daily Telegraph article on 8th March 2005, supporters of the the EU have a four-stage strategy to reduce Britons to servitude:Stage One is mock-incredulity: No one is proposing any such thing. It just shows what loons these sceptics are that they could even imagine it.Stage Two is bravado: Well all right, it's being proposed, but don't worry: we have a veto and we'll use it.Stage Three is denial: Look, we may have signed this, but it doesn't really mean what the critics are claiming.Stage Four is resignation: No point complaining now, old man: it's all been agreed.This is the exact same sequence of events which could be used to describe the rise of political correctness - only in the case of political correctness the enemy is far less visible.There are too many examples of the way the European Union has contributed to political correctness in Britain to detail them all in this piece but, to illustrate this point, I have set out a few below:

European Institute for Gender Equality

The constitution says Equality between women and men must be ensured in all areas, including employment, work and pay. The principle of equality shall not prevent the maintenance or adoption of measures providing for specific advantages in favour of the under-represented sex.On this basis, it will not be long before the Commission proposes job quotas and other forms of positive discrimination on an EU wide basis. Meritocracy and true equality of opportunity are the virtues which we should be extolling; not positive discrimination which is, after all, only discrimination with the word positive in front of it.Indeed, in March 2005, the European Commission was reported to be establishing the European Institute for Gender Equality. It is supposed to collect, analyse and circulate data to provide a basis for future European Union policies on gender equality and will operate with a budget of about 53 million euros for the period 2007 – 2013.

Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia

Back in 1997, the European Union established a Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia. This body will cost the taxpayer over 8 million euros in 2005. Notwithstanding that this is an issue which should be determined at nation state level, it has interfered with and contributed to the changes in our national law on race discrimination.

Its website – www.eumc.eu.int - says:The primary task of the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) is to provide the Community and its Member States with objective, reliable and comparable information and data on racism, xenophobia, islamophobia and anti-Semitism at the European level in order to help the EU and its Member States to establish measures or formulate courses of actions against racism and xenophobia.A vision for Europe can only be a multicultural one based on the respect for diversity and equal rights, said Ms Winkler, the Director of the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia on 21st March 2005.Following a European Council meeting in December 2003, there are plans for a Human Rights or Fundamental Rights Agency. It has an extensive work programme for the year ahead aiming to spread its politically correct ideals into the recently liberated countries of Eastern Europe. Further details can be found on:

European Arrest Warrant

Whilst the European Arrest Warrant mainly demonstrates the diminishing control we have over our own country, it is also a further worrying weapon for the European Union to extend its politically correct ideas.Under the European Arrest Warrant, you could potentially be extradited from Britain for offences which are crimes in another European Union country but not in this country.For example, denial of the holocaust is a crime in Germany but not here.Although you should only be arrested for committing a crime in the country in which it is an offence, the internet and the easy distribution of material make this fact less than reassuring.In addition, the European Arrest Warrant covers Racism and Xenophobia which is such a grey area and is being monitored by a thought police that would do Orwell’s 1984 proud! The next stage in these advancing plans could well mean that the European Arrest Warrant will cover opinions which are considered offensive and not just those that are deemed likely to incite violence which would really be opening up a huge can of politically correct worms and not something the UK would resist – or have much chance of resisting – in the present climate.


Not content with undermining fair play in the employment market, the European Parliament recently attempted to alter the course of history surely a blatant example of political correctness.It had published a history of Europe for schoolchildren which, in the UK section, failed to refer to the two world wars. Luckily, the booklet was withdrawn but the incident serves to provide a telling insight into the European centralisers’ mindset.Schoolchildren are already being indoctrinated about the value of the European Union – via special grants and Europe Day celebrations – and the very fact that this booklet about the history of Europe was to be distributed to schools by the European Union shows the potential for future interference and misrepresentation.

Funding of Politically Correct Groups and Projects

The politically correct tentacles of the European Union also stretch even further into our national life through the subsidy culture that it operates.For example, one organisation funded by the European Social Fund is the 1990 Trust which runs the Black Information Link, a website aimed at the black community. The money given to this group which is politically motivated and biased enables them to perpetuate political correctness via their website (www.blink.org.uk). Some examples of their actions are noted below:On 10 November 2003, it challenged Shadow Home Secretary David Davis to prove that he is no longer soft on racism.On 17 February 2005, it condemned Conservative Party plans to introduce health checks for immigrants as racist.On 21 February 2005, it suggested that there should be a black caucus and an all-black shortlist after the West Ham Constituency Labour Party failed to select a black candidate to succeed Tony Banks MP.On 22 February 2005, however, it unashamedly urged its readers to lobby the Standards Board for England in support of Ken Livingstone following his verbal attack on a Jewish Evening Standardjournalist.
Black Information Link is just one group being funded with money collected by the European Union and spent on a multitude of politically correct projects in Britain.

The European Contribution - The Next Stage
So, the European Union has and continues to contribute to the rise of political correctness in Britain but what is in store for us in the future? For all the drama of October 2004 in the corridors of power in Brussels, I’d bet my bottom euro that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg given that political correctness will be institutionalised in the European Constitution and the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The Charter itself will take full effect in the UK if we ratify (in conjunction with the other member states) the new Constitution. Although the French and Dutch people have voted against the Constitution, we should not be surprised if the European political elites work night and day to introduce both the Charter and the Constitution. History shows that they treat unfavourable referenda results as little more than an inconvenient delay.Despite the EU Constitution and the Charter it supports being voted down its politically correct provisions are being brought in by stealth. The Commission has said that it will implement it across all EU legislation without waiting for it to come into force. What is more, a Fundamental Rights Agency is being established to monitor the implementation of the Charter and make sure that its provisions will be enforced throughout the EU. This is quite clearly the illegal implementation of political correctness.The Charter is a ticking time-bomb of political correctness waiting to explode in the UK. Far from having the legal status of the Beano as former Europe Minister, Keith Vaz, once said, it is being granted full legal force. Perhaps in time the Charter’s provisions will be enforced by the European Gendarmerie which is also being established despite the EU Constitution being rejected.We do not even need to wait for European Court of Justice judges to interpret the law in their usual touchy-feely and highly regulatory way. It is as plain as a pikestaff that the Charter represents institutionalised political correctness.Just take the preamble which, so far as European judges are concerned, is the meaty bit in the law and the starting point for their interpretation of the other articles within the Charter:Conscious of its spiritual and moral heritage, the Union is founded on the indivisible, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity.

The preamble continues:The Union contributes to the preservation and to the development of these common values while respecting the diversity of cultures and traditions of the peoples of Europe as well as the national identities of the member states.The imposition of the human rights doctrine in British law does not sit well alongside our common law tradition – so how can it respect our national identity – our British way of doing things? This will have an impact on very important matters like the way our courts interpret our laws.Time and again, the European Court of Human Rights and the Human Rights Act (1998) have conflicted with other statute laws and they are a recipe for politically correct chaos.One only need look at the recent case involving Leeds City Council and a group of travelers. Despite the fact that Leeds City Council succeeded, the Court of Appeal referred the Leeds eviction case to the House of Lords so that the Law Lords could decide whether the right to a home (European human rights law) was more important than a council's right to evict (British law).The Charter will compound these problems especially as it states that it reaffirms amongst other issues the case law emanating from both the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.The Charter and the Constitution would fetter the discretion of national Parliaments still further, extend political correctness and undermine common sense.Even if you look beyond the preamble to specific Articles within the Charter – some which eerily mirror the European Convention of Human Rights – you will find a not so favourable tapestry of political correctness being woven. Taking at random, a few examples:

Article 1:
Human dignity is inviolable. It must be respected and protected.
Article 12.2:
Freedom of assembly and of association. Political parties at Union level contribute to expressing the political will of the citizens of the Union.
Article 21.2:
Any discrimination on grounds of nationality shall be prohibited.
Article 22:
The Union shall respect cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.It doesn’t take a genius to predict that our courts are going to be log-jammed with cases based on the Charter. For example, I can easily see how the travelers’ cases often supported with taxpayers’ money through the Commission for Racial Equality could rely on at least 2, if not 3, of the above Articles.As European Union law is superior to our own domestic law (and planning regulations), an amendment or repeal of the Human Rights Act 1998 or even withdrawal from the European Court of Human Rights with 6 month’s notice may not be sufficient to deal with one of the most hotly debated topics of today and allow a return to common sense.Political correctness is often about a small group of people trying to foist their views on a majority, relying on the silence and decency of the majority to allow even the most bizarre of ideas to become the norm.

Given this, is it not worrying that the Charter states that political parties should express the will of the people? How is the will of the people to be defined? What would happen if the will of the people was that they were in favour of free market economics or that they wanted to end or curtail Britain’s involvement with the European Union? The Charter would not allow this, given its commitment to red tape, equal rights and socialist economics as well as its clear determination for political union not political separation.One can only assume that the will of the people really means the will of the constitutional draftsmen, bureaucrats and European Court of Justice judges who will implement or develop case law based on it.Further politically correct measures from the Charter that will be enforced include:

Article 23
Equality between men and women
This is interfering, but honorable, it includes Euro-speak for the ECJ to push for positive discrimination
Article 27
Workers' rights to information and consultation within the undertaking.This will lead to time consuming negotiations and undermine the ability of managers to run their organisations as they see best.
Article 28
Right of collective bargaining and action.This enshrines the right to strike. And will reverse our industrial relations legislation to mid-1980s levels
Article 30
Protection in the event of unjustified dismissal.This may allow the ECJ to project the European concept of the job for life into Britain. Sounds good, but undermining an organisations ability to higher and fire will in the long term restrict growth and push up unemployment to Continental levels
Articles 31 & 34
Fair and just working conditions and Social security and assistance.This will allow the EU to further limit working hours, extend holidays and provide more maternity and illness leave. Sounds good, if you do not work for one of those small businesses or charities that goes under.It also forces governments, at the expense of the taxpayer, to continue to provide a welfare state. So no hope of reform then for that 1940's monster that has grown out of control.The spirit of the Charter not only lives and breathes through the activities of the EU but is also likely to find its way into British law through the Government’s proposed new vehicle for institutionalised political correctness (the Equalities and Human Rights Commission) with estimates putting the annual cost for this body at around £200 million.

The Solution
It goes without saying that we need to tackle political correctness at all levels including the European Union level. There is no doubt that the European Union has helped to increase political correctness in this country and, as history and common sense tells us, this is not about to change.In fact, to paraphrase a famous election slogan, things can (most definitely) only get worse. To stop the rot we need first of all to stop the advance of political correctness. Under no circumstances should anyone who wants to end political correctness give greater power to a body with a track record of institutionalised political correctness and with big plans for the future.This, quite simply, means that those who want to see an end to political correctness need to encourage our politicians to stop the implementation of the EU Constitution and not resurrect it after the death sentence ordered by the French and Dutch electorates. If this does not happen, and the Eurocrats continue on their merry way, then we, in the United Kingdom, will have little choice but to demand a referendum and vote against the EU’s political correctness.For further information about the Campaign Against Political Correctness see the details below:
Website: www.CAPC.co.uk e-mail: info@CAPC.co.uk

Danube strategy to focus on transport and environment
VALENTINA POP Today JUNE 30,09 @ 09:19 CET

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – The upcoming European strategy for the future of the Danube river is to focus on transport, environment and economic development and will be drafted by the end of 2010, outgoing regional policy commissioner Danuta Hubner said on Monday (29 June).Ms Hubner, who resigned last week in order to be able to take up her mandate as member of the European Parliament, is still in office until her successor, Pawel Samecki, is formally appointed as commissioner.Speaking in Austria at a conference on the upcoming Danube strategy, Ms Hubner outlined the broad priorities and calendar of this initiative to include member states Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.EU candidate country Croatia, as well as potential candidate Serbia also shares part of the 2,816-kilometre-long river ending in the Black Sea at the border between Romania and the EU's eastern partners, Moldova and Ukraine. On 19 June, EU leaders gathered at a summit in Brussels requested the European Commission prepare a strategy for the Danube region by the end of 2010. This would then be adopted by the heads of state and government in the first half of 2011, under Hungarian EU presidency. Budapest, as well as Vienna and Bucharest are some of the capitals strongly promoting the initiative.As with the Baltic Sea strategy – the EU's first coordinated approach towards a so-called macro region, involving eight member states bordering the North Eastern sea – the Danube strategy is likely to include concrete measures and have certain member states take responsibility over the actual implementation.

The three main priorities likely to be at the core of the Danube strategy are transport, environment and economic development.One of Europe's biggest waterways, the Danube has huge potential for increasing the amount of freight being moved, Ms Hubner said, while stressing that this would require planned, coordinated work along the river.As an example, she mentioned that the commission was currently working with Romanian and Bulgarian authorities on a joint project to improve navigation on their joint stretch of the river.Since there is not enough funding allocated to cross-border programmes, we have to try and co-ordinate two national projects. However, even once all this is organised correctly and the project is implemented, and it has improved navigation on the Romania-Bulgaria stretch of the river we will still need to see how it fits with navigation improvement projects elsewhere on the river,she noted.On environment, some of the downstream countries and regions face major flooding problems outside their control, as the causes and solutions both lie further upstream.Polluted waters being spilled into the Danube upstream, as well as into tributary rivers such as Sava and Tisza, all end up in the Romanian Danube delta where the river splits into three branches before joining the Black Sea - a nature reserve with 1,600 endangered species such as pelicans.

Ms Hubner underlined the need to move beyond guiding principles and to generate concrete projects that strike a balance between the transport and environmental aspects.Economic development, particularly through partner cities and regions, would be the third element of the strategy.Here too, much discussion and planning has already taken place, but with insufficient delivery of concrete results on the ground,she said.Some forms of co-operation along the river exist already, such as the Working Community of the Danube Regions, the Danube Commission on Transport Issues or the environmentally-oriented International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR).There is a need, nonetheless, to deepen and expand the existing co-operation, and to create stronger links among these bodies, as well as with member states and regions,Ms Hubner stresssed.

Industry agrees on standardised EU phone charger
ELITSA VUCHEVA 29.06.2009 @ 17:39 CET

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - Searching for a phone charger that works with your phone will soon be a thing of the past, as the world's ten major mobile phone manufacturers have agreed to produce a harmonised charger for users across Europe, with the first such chargers expected to be introduced on the EU market next year.Major producers of mobile phones have agreed to harmonise chargers in the EU,the European Commission announced on Monday (29 June).The companies in question which include Apple, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson represent 90 percent of Europe's mobile phone market.The phone manufacturers submitted a memorandum of understanding to the commission after Brussels had called on them to come forward with a voluntary proposal in order to avoid legislation.

The agreement is not legally binding, however.

At the moment there are more than 30 different types of chargers for phones across Europe, as specific mobile phones are sold with their specific chargers. Making the situation worse, anyone who wants to change their mobile phone needs to throw away the old charger as well.Under the fresh agreement, a universal charger, which will use a mini-USB connection, should be made available from 2010.I am very pleased that industry has found an agreement, which will make life much simpler for consumers,EU industry commissioner Gunter Verheugen said in Brussels, welcoming the deal.They will be able to charge mobile phones anywhere from the new common charger. This also means considerably less electronic waste, because people will no longer have to throw away chargers when buying new phones.I am also very pleased that this solution was found on the basis of self-regulation,he added.The universal charger principle should also be expanded to cameras and laptops in the years ahead, according to the commissioner.

British Conservative MEP Malcolm Harbour, member of the consumer affairs committee in the European Parliament, also welcomed the agreement.The days of drawers full of useless old mobile phone chargers will soon be over. Common sense has prevailed,Mr Harbour stated.We will no longer have to worry about forgetting our chargers and having to ask around to find one that is compatible. This agreement will also encourage more chargers to be recycled, preventing electronic waste,he added.When the new agreement enters into force and universal chargers reach the market, the number of chargers produced each year could be cut in half, according to the industry.

Czech presidency limps off EU stage
ANDREW RETTMAN Today JUNE 30,09 @ 17:40 CET

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The Czech Republic in the past six months helped to end a severe EU gas crisis and to ease Ireland's Lisbon Treaty problem. But its cack-handed diplomacy and internal battles risk it going down as the worst EU presidency in history.With hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians and Slovaks left without heat in a freezing January, the then Czech prime minister Mirek Topolanek flew to Kiev and Moscow to broker talks and negotiate the deployment of EU monitors at pumping stations.The mission - recalling French President Nicolas Sarkozy's sorties during the 2008 Georgia war - is widely credited as leading Russia to switch the gas back on 10 days later.Mr Topolanek clinched the monitors deal without the support of the French-influenced EU establishment: European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso declined Czech requests to come along. In May, Prague's Eastern Partnership summit launched a major EU effort to pull six post-Soviet states into the EU's sphere of influence.The summit was again marked by the absence of the Russia-friendly French leader. But the EU27 plus six countries signed a pledge to accelerate political association,in a coup that could become Prague's main legacy, if upcoming EU presidencies put the policy into play.The Franco-Czech antagonism characterised the Czech republic's EU chairmanship. Russia aside, Mr Topolanek's attachment to George W. Bush-type free market principles clashed with Mr Sarkozy's protectionist bent.

Paris at every turn pushed the line that a small, new EU state is unfit to lead the union in times of crisis. But Mr Topolanek gave as good as he got in terms of verbal pugilism.Nobody has held Mr Sarkozy on a leash as I did,Mr Topolanek told Czech daily Lidove Noviny after the EU summit in June.Mr Topolanek's successor, statistician-turned-caretaker Prime Minister Jan Fischer, at the June meeting choreographed an EU agreement to attach guarantees on Irish neutrality and anti-abortion laws to the Lisbon treaty.The accord, which paves the way for a Yes vote in Ireland's second Lisbon referendum, came despite Czech President Vaclav Klaus' aggressive opposition. Mr Fischer has done his work very well,Mr Sarkozy said.At a technical level, the Czech presidency's 1,650 or so officials oversaw 84 new pieces of EU legislation in areas including financial regulation, visa policy and air transport. It chaired 2,400 meetings of EU diplomats and 38 meetings of EU government ministers.Its Brussels art installation, Entropa, caused a diplomatic incident with Bulgaria after depicting the country as a toilet. But the much-loved work brought to life an otherwise dull tradition of politically-correct, EU-sponsored art.

Prague defenestration

The biggest stain on the Czech presidency's reputation - the Vaclav Klaus-engineered fall of Mr Topolanek's government mid-mandate after a vote of no confidence - is not without precedent in the EU. A similar collapse happened in Italy in 1996.But the fiasco left the European Union politically headless for three months and swept away the Czech presidency's best men - Europe minister Alexandr Vondra and foreign minister Karl Schwarzenberg.The timing was painful for national pride. With the world's attention turned to Prague for an EU-US summit one week later, TV viewers from San Fransisco to Sydney pondered the spectacle of the newly-impotent Mr Topolanek standing next to US leader Barack Obama.Mr Topolanek's scrappy rhetorical style made the meeting even more awkward. Speaking to the EU parliament a few days earlier, the Czech leader insulted his guest by calling Mr Obama's economic stimulus plan a road to hell.The Czech EU chairmanship also gave an international platform to the country's biggest villain in EU terms, the eurosceptic and even more undiplomatic Mr Klaus.In an address to the EU parliament in February, the Czech president compared the EU to the Soviet Union, prompting a walkout by MEPs. At an EU-Japan climate change summit in May, he said there is no human impact on global warming.

Main feeling is shame

My main feeling about the presidency is probably shame,Entropa artist David Cerny told EUobserver.Meanwhile, away from the world stage, Czech officials' preponderance for gaffes and errors quietly eroded Prague's credibility with press and EU officials.

Mr Topolanek's badly-informed spokesman, Jiri Potuznik, in January called Israel's attack on Gaza, costing the lives of over 900 civilians, a defensive act,before retracting his words hours later as a youthful mistake.A typical press phone-call to the presidency's top spokesman saw him shuffle around the corridors of government offices in Prague with his mobile phone switched on, firing questions to colleagues in Czech before finally declaring I'll have to call you back on that.

Comedy of errors

Presidency officials at the US summit in Prague left the passport numbers and travel details of over 200 delegates, including the Finnish leader, on a public computer.
Back in Brussels, EU officals said Czech diplomats often declined to consult with European colleagues before pressing ahead with new initiatives parachuted in straight from Prague.Czech reflection papers on complex foreign affairs issues were noted for being excessively brief and free of insight. Its organisation of everyday meetings was described as chaotic by several EU staff.Plenty of people wanted the Czech presidency to fail, one EU official said, referring to France's anti-Czech campaign. In the corridors of the European Commission and in the cafeterias of the Council [the EU member states' secretariat] it's already being talked about as the worst EU presidency in history.

Ukip, Lega Nord form hard-right bloc in EU Parliament
LEIGH PHILLIPS Today JUNE 30,09 @ 17:37 CET

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - A mosaic of right-wing eurosceptics and hard-right anti-immigrant parties have cobbled together enough MEPs to form a new political group out of the ashes of the Independence-Democracy group in the European Parliament.With the centre-left oriented eurosceptics from Denmark and Sweden within the Ind/Dem group soundly defeated in the June European elections, its right wing - already home to the Popular Orthodox Rally, or LAOS - the Greek nationalist outfit - was free to seek out allies amongst other parties well to the right of the conservative mainstream.The new group, which is set to be launched on Wednesday (1 July) has yet to firm up its name, but is likely to be either A Europe of Free Peoples or A Europe of Peoples for Liberty, although the word Independence may yet be retained somewhere in the title.

Whatever its final formation, the name reflects the Ukip-Lega-Nord axis that represents the core leadership of the new group. Italy's Lega-Nord or Northern League, in government domestically, is to join with the British eurosceptics from their now defunct grouping in the parliament, the conservative Union for a Europe of the Nations (UEN).Ukip, with its 13 deputies, is pushing to hold on to the word that makes up part of its own party name, while for the nine MEPs of the Northern League which holds to the concept of Il Popolo Padano, the inhabitants of the northern regions of Italy, which they refer to as Padania the inclusion of the word people in its volkisch sense is fundamental,according to a Northern League source.The new Liberty grouping combines the two parties together with the two deputies of LAOS and an MEP the Political Reformed Party (Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij, SGP), a party from the Dutch Protestant right emphasising moral issues - both of which were within the old Ind/Dem grouping in the last parliament - as well as two from the Danish People's Party, and one each from the True Finns and Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionists.Libertas France, the successor to the sovereignist Movement Pour La France of Philippe de Villiers, which was in the Ind/Dem group as well, will keep its two MEPs in the new formation.In total, the group will have at launch around 30 deputies from seven countries, meeting the European Parliament's new tighter threshold of 25 MEPs from seven member states in order to access public funds for staff, research and campaigns.Sources close to the discussions reckon there will likely be additional deputies from a couple of other member states either at the launch or subsequently, but who have not made any firm commitments. As the balance between left and right euroscepticism no longer needs to be managed, a joint presidency is also expected to be junked.It is thought that talks have not extended to the Austrian Freedom Party or its namesake in the Netherlands led by Geert Wilders, and bringing on board the Flemish hard-right separatists of the Vlaams Belang has been ruled out as well. The Northern League would in any case make an unlikely ally for the Austrians, who have never stopped seething about the loss of the South Tyrol after the First World War.

Anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, gay-baiting

While Ukip is both conservative and eurosceptic and has worked with other hard-right parties before, now a majority of the parties in the new formation come from the softer side of Europe's extreme right, banging the anti-immigrant and Islamophobic drum while distancing themselves from outright fascists.The True Finns, in the process overtaking the local Green League as fourth biggest party domestically, have introduced immigrant-baiting rhetoric to Finland, which until recently had seen very little far-right activity compared to other European countries.Late last year, party member Jussi Halla-aho described in a blog foreigners as criminals and called asylum seekers African gang rapists and parasites.Mr Halla-aho has since been charged with hate crimes faces up to two years in jail if convicted.Meanwhile Søren Krarup of the Danish People's Party, has said Islam has for 1,400 years attempted to conquer and repress European Christianity.In 2007, he described the religion as a totalitarian regime that has thousands of human lives on its conscience.The headscarf is a symbol of this regime and the Qur'an may very well be compared with Hitler's Mein Kampf,he said at the time.Party leader Pia Kjærsgaard for her part has accused Muslim organisations of being a fifth column in Danish society and in 2006, a newspaper revealed that undercover journalists posing as members of the neo-Nazi Dansk Front had been given the okay to join the party so long as they kept their far-right views private by half of a party district committee.The request for membership was turned down and nine party members were expelled, but the incident nevertheless embarrassed the party, which is trying to distance itself from groups that are explicitly fascist.

Ukip however feels itself to be insulated from accusations of cosying up to unsavoury elements as its key partner, the Northern League, is part of Italy's governing coalition. Nevertheless, the party's leader, Umberto Bossi, in 2003 called migrants from Africa bingo-bongos and said boats of irregular migrants attempting to disembark in Italy should be fired upon.Giancarlo Gentilini, deputy mayor of Treviso and member of the party, in 2007 called for the ethnic cleansing of homosexuals.I will immediately give orders to my forces so that they can carry out an ethnic cleansing of faggots,he told a local television station.The faggots must go to other [cities] where they are welcome. Here in Treviso there is no chance for faggots or the like.

In Venice in 2007, he taunted Pecoraro Scanio, then minister of the environment under Romano Prodi and the first Italian minister to come out as bisexual, by saying:In Gorgo, a woman was raped with a chisel in the back and in the front. I say to Pecoraro Scanio that I want the same thing happens to his mother and his sister.Mr Scanio is a popular target for Northern League insults, with a banner at a festival organised by the League in 2005 reading: Rape Pecoraro.He has also said of immigrants: We should dress them up as rabbits and go bang, bang, bang with a rifle.In 2006, the Northern League was expelled from the Ind/Dem group after MEP Roberto Calderoli wore a T-shirt depicting one of the notorious Danish cartoons that depicted the Prophet Muhammad.

Far-right lite

Graeme Atkinson, the European editor of Searchlight, the respected UK journal that reports on the activities of the far right told EUobserver: This basically is the far-right lite forming a group, a community of interest, with Ukip's help right-wingers more of a populist than fascist character.While not welcome, this is probably partly deliberate, in order to keep the like of the genuinely fascist far-right from forming an officially recognised group,he added.

Russian troops mass in war games near Georgia
Published: Monday June 29, 2009

Russia on Monday started its biggest military exercises in the Caucasus since its war with neighbouring Georgia last year, mobilising thousands of troops in a clear warning to its foes.Georgia swiftly condemned as dangerous the week-long exercises, which are taking place just north of where Russia and Georgia fought over the pro-Moscow breakaway Georgian region of South Ossetia.About 8,500 troops are participating in the Caucasus 2009 exercises and up to 200 tanks, 450 armoured cars and 250 artillery pieces of various types, according to the Russian defence ministry.

It added that the war game focusing on counter-terrorism and the defence of strategic targets will run until July 6 -- the day US President Barack Obama arrives for a much anticipated summit in Moscow.The aim of the exercises is to establish the actual state of battle readiness and troop mobilisation deployed in Russia's southwest region,local military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Bobrun told Russian news agencies.A high-ranking military source was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying that Georgia was still seeking military adventures and had rebuilt its military capacity to the same level as last August.The current Georgian leadership has not given up on new military adventures... or attempts to resolve its territorial problems through the use of force, the source said.Taking aim at Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, the source added: The exercises will certainly contribute to stability in the south of Russia and the Caucasus as a whole and cool down the fantasies of some warmongers.Russian troops now based in the Georgian rebel regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia will also participate in the exercises, the defence ministry said.Georgia's deputy foreign minister Alexander Nalbandov told AFP that holding such large-scale exercises "is dangerous and is playing with fire.

This is aimed at further increasing tensions in the region,he said.

Moscow has thousands of soldiers deployed in the rebel regions, which it recognized as independent states last year after the brief war. It also formally took over control this year of the breakaway regions' de-facto borders with Georgia.The exercises involve more troops than the Caucasus 2008 war games and include units from Russia's Black Sea Fleet and its airforce.Some 8,000 troops took part in last year's manoeuvres, which wrapped up shortly before the Russia-Georgia conflict broke.
Russia's envoy to NATO said the 2008 war games had helped Russia to mobilise for the August war.The fact that we carried out these military exercises last year turned out to be absolutely right. If we had not... Russia's reaction would have been much slower,Dmitry Rogozin told reporters.We are doing this to strengthen the defence capabilities of the Russian armed forces and Russia as a whole in those directions which we consider threatening.While Russia and NATO at the weekend ended a 10-month freeze in cooperation amid fallout from the Georgia war, severe divisions on the small West-leaning state remain.Moscow is extremely suspicious of the Western alliance's expansion eastward and livid that the military bloc with strong US backing has left open the door to Georgia's membership.Despite the small scale of NATO's war games in Georgia in May and this month which involved about 1,100 troops from 16 countries Russia fiercely denounced the exercises.Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin pinpointed those exercises as a step backwards in efforts to reset US-Russia relations, a development set to culminate with Obama's visit next week.


Bernard Madoff gets maximum 150 years in prison By TOM HAYS and LARRY NEUMEISTER, Associated Press Writers JUNE 29,09

NEW YORK – A federal judge rejected Bernard Madoff's plea for leniency Monday, sentencing the 71-year-old swindler to spend the rest of his life in prison for an extraordinarily evil fraud that took a staggering toll on thousands of victims.U.S. District Judge Denny Chin cited the unprecedented nature of the multibillion-dollar fraud as he sentenced Madoff to the maximum of 150 years in prison, a term comparable only to those given in the past to terrorists, traitors and the most violent criminals. There is no parole in federal prison so Madoff will most likely die there.

Here, the message must be sent that Mr. Madoff's crimes were extraordinarily evil and that this kind of irresponsible manipulation of the system is not merely a bloodless financial crime that takes place just on paper, but it is instead ... one that takes a staggering human toll,Chin said.The massive Ponzi scheme run by Madoff since at least the early 1990s demolished the life savings of thousands of people, wrecked charities and shook confidence in the U.S. financial system.Only Madoff and an accountant accused of failing to make basic auditing checks have faced criminal charges. But a person familiar with the investigation said Monday that at least 10 more people are likely to face federal charges by the time the probe is complete. The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, wouldn't detail the likely charges against the others or say whether they would include Madoff's family or former employees.Madoff's 150-year sentence reflected a growing tendency over the last decade to give white-collar criminals lengthy prison terms — although a handful of cases have received even longer terms. The outcome prompted scattered applause and whoops from a group of burned former clients in a packed Manhattan courtroom.The judge noted that not one of the more than 100 letters he received supported Madoff or described any good deeds he had done.The absence of such support is telling,Chin said.Chin announced the sentence with Madoff standing at the defense table, wearing a dark suit, a white shirt and a tie and looking thinner than he did at his last court appearance in March. He gave no noticeable reaction when the sentence was announced.He also showed no emotion though he looked down earlier in the hearing as he listened to nine victims spend nearly an hour venting their despair and anger. Some openly wept or raised their voices, labeling Madoff a monster,a true beast and an evil low-life.Life has been a living hell. It feels like the nightmare we can't wake from,said Carla Hirshhorn.He stole from the rich. He stole from the poor. He stole from the in between. He had no values,said Tom Fitzmaurice. He cheated his victims out of their money so he and his wife, Ruth, could live a life of luxury beyond belief.

Dominic Ambrosino called it an indescribably heinous crime and urged a long prison sentence so he will know he is imprisoned in much the same way he imprisoned us and others.He added: In a sense, I would like somebody in the court today to tell me how long is my sentence.Sheryl Weinstein, a certified accountant, said Madoff was effective because he seemed normal.But underneath the facade is a true beast,she said.He should not be given the opportunity to blend so seamlessly into our society again.When asked by the judge whether he had anything to say, Madoff slowly stood, leaned forward on the defense table and spoke in a monotone for about 10 minutes. At various times, he referred to his monumental fraud as a problem,an error of judgment and a tragic mistake.He claimed he and his wife were tormented, saying she cries herself to sleep every night, knowing all the pain and suffering I have caused,he said.That's something I live with, as well.He then finally looked at the victims lining the first row of the gallery. I will turn and face you, he said mechanically. I'm sorry. I know that doesn't help you.His immediately family did not attend the sentencing. But Ruth Madoff — often a target of victims' scorn since her husband's arrest — broke her silence afterward by issuing a statement through her lawyer. She said she, too, had been misled. I am embarrassed and ashamed,she said. Like everyone else, I feel betrayed and confused. The man who committed this horrible fraud is not the man whom I have known for all these years.

Prosecutor Lisa Baroni said Madoff deserved a life sentence because he stole ruthlessly and without remorse.Outside court, some victims said it was time to move on.He stole my money. He didn't steal my life,said Ron Weinstein, whose wife spoke in court.I'm not going to sit around and mope about it.Madoff, who has been jailed since March, already has taken a severe financial hit: Last week, a judge issued a preliminary $171 billion forfeiture order stripping Madoff of all his personal property, including real estate, investments, and $80 million in assets his wife Ruth had claimed were hers. The order left her with $2.5 million that couldn't be tied to the fraud. The terms require the Madoffs to sell a $7 million Manhattan apartment where Ruth Madoff still lives. An $11 million estate in Palm Beach, Fla., a $4 million home in Montauk and a $2.2 million boat will be put on the market as well.

Before Madoff became a symbol of Wall Street greed, he earned a reputation as a trusted money manager with a Midas touch. Even as the market fluctuated, clients of his secretive investment advisory business — from Florida retirees to celebrities such as Steven Spielberg, actor Kevin Bacon and Hall of Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax — for decades enjoyed steady double-digit returns. But late last year, Madoff made a dramatic confession: Authorities say he pulled his sons aside and told them it was all just one big lie.Madoff pleaded guilty in March to securities fraud and other charges, saying he was deeply sorry and ashamed.He insisted that he acted alone, describing a separate wholesale stock-trading firm run by his sons and brother as honest and legitimate.But the family, including his wife, and brokerage firms who recruited investors have come under intense scrutiny by the FBI, regulators and a court-appointed trustee overseeing the liquidation of Madoff's assets. The trustee and prosecutors have sought to go after assets to compensate thousands of victims who have filed claims against Madoff. How much is available to pay them remains unknown, though it's expected to be only a fraction of the astronomical losses associated with the fraud.The $171 billion forfeiture figure used by prosecutors merely mirrors the amount they estimate that, over decades, flowed in and out of the principal account to perpetrate the Ponzi scheme. The statements sent to investors showing their accounts were worth as much as $65 billion were fiction.The investigation has found that in reality Madoff never made any investments, instead using the money from new investors to pay returns to existing clients — and to finance a lavish lifestyle for his family.Madoff's sentence was not the longest for a white-collar criminal. New York businessman Sholam Weiss, 55, was sentenced in February 2000 to 845 years in prison for his role in a plot that skimmed $400 million from an insurance company, costing many of its 25,000 customers their life savings. The government lists his release date as Nov. 23, 2754.And Norman Schmidt, 73, was sentenced in Denver last year to 330 years in prison for his role in a multimillion-dollar investment scam. He's scheduled for release in September 2291.


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